Academic Advising Process

New students are assigned an advisor after they register.

Click Here for Registration Directions

All day students are assigned advisors and should meet with their advisor during the semester and during registration periods.  In preparing for registration for an upcoming semester, students should:

  1. Identify Advisor
  2. Make appointment with Advisor
  3. Read semester’s course offerings in Semester Schedule
  4. Make a potential schedule
  5. Keep appointment with Advisor
  6. Receive approval from Advisor
  7. Register for classes by phone 1-800-818-3434, fax 1-978-656-3443, via the web at MiddleNet, mail or by walking into a Student Information Center in Bedford or Lowell.

Although evening students do not receive an assigned advisor, advisors are available in the evening.

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Last Modified: 3/3/20