28 Credit Course Offerings Our Schedule Fits Your Schedule Morning, Evening, Online & Saturday Credit Classes (Call 1-800-818-3434 or visit www.middlesex.mass.edu/register to view locations and times) CAD 227 CAD 270 CAP 101 CAP 103 CHE 121 CHE 131 CHE 132 CHE 151 CHE 152 CHE 252 COM 101 COM 102 COM 103 COM 104 COM 105 COM 106 COM 115 COM 121 COM 125 COM 127 CRJ 111 CRJ 112 CRJ 123 CRJ 151 CRJ 231 CSC 101 CSC 151 CSC 156 CSC 170 CSC 252 CSC 272 DAN 101 DAN 102 ECO 120 ECO 140 ECO 150 EDU 101 EDU 102 EDU 150 EGR 101 EGR 211 EGR 212 ELL 054 ELL 055 ELL 074 ELL 075 ENG 088 ENG 089 ENG 092 ENG 093 ENG 099 ENG 101 ENG 102 ENG 113 ENG 130 ENG 140 ENG 141 CAD Applications Design for Manufacturing Computer Applications Computers for Technology Introduction to Chemistry College Chemistry I College Chemistry II General Chemistry for Engineering and Science I General Chemistry for Engineering and Science II Organic Chemistry II and Lab Introduction to Communication Media Media Ethics Public Speaking and Professional Presentations Foundations Media Production Introduction to Short Film Production Introduction to Film Studies and Analysis Introduction to Human Communication Introduction to Digital Video Production Social Media Introduction to Crisis Communications Introduction to Criminal Justice Criminal Law Terrorism & Homeland Security Interpersonal Communications Principles of Correction Introduction To Computer Science Programming I Operating Systems Basics and Security Digital Forensics I Programming II Digital Forensics II Introduction To Modern Dance Jazz Dance Economics And Management In High-tech Industry Principles of Macroeconomics Principles of Microeconomics Curriculum In Early Childhood Programs Guiding Children’s Behavior Discover Teaching Introduction to Engineering Strength of Materials Dynamics ELL Reading & Writing I ELL Reading & Writing II Grammar and Editing I Grammar and Editing II Academic English for Bilingual Students Educated Outside of the US Academic English for Bilingual Students Educated Within US Read, Writing & Reasoning Reading, Writing, and Reasoning Follow-Up Writing Skills Seminar English Composition I English Composition II Classics of Children’s Literature Voices From Behind Bars: The Literature Of Prisons World Literature I World Literature II Day Classes ANT 101 ART 101 ART 105 ART 113 ART 115 ART 117 ART 118 ART 121 ART 122 ART 123 ART 124 ART 126 ART 127 ART 129 ART 130 ART 141 ART 142 ART 144 ART 151 ART 153 ART 155 ART 161 ART 165 ART 171 ART 175 ART 178 ART 181 BIO 105 BIO 108 BIO 120 BIO 131 BIO 132 BIO 145 BIO 231 BIO 232 BIO 235 BIO 240 BIT 155 BIT 225 BIT 250 BUS 110 BUS 130 BUS 135 BUS 151 BUS 158 BUS 192 BUS 210 BUS 221 BUS 223 BUS 240 CAD 130 CAD 205 Cultural Anthropology Art Appreciation Art History before 1500 Color And Design Introduction To Sculpture & 3D Design Printmaking I Printmaking II Drawing I Drawing II Figure Drawing I Figure Drawing II Painting I Painting II Ceramics I Ceramics II Photography I Photography II Digital Photography Graphic Design I Introduction To Computer Graphics Digital Imaging Typography: How To Use Type Effectively Graphic Production & Layout Graphic Design II Computer Graphics II Introduction to Web Design Graphic Design Portfolio Preparation Basic Anatomy & Physiology Nutrition Introduction To Biology General Biology I General Biology II Zoology Anatomy And Physiology I Anatomy And Physiology II Introduction To Microbiology Microbiology For Industrial Applications Quality Control And Good Manufacturing Practices Special Topics In Biotechnology Advanced Techniques In Biotechnology Introduction to Business Introduction to Entrepreneurship Social Entrepreneurship Food and Beverage Management Food Service and Sanitation Convention and Event Sales and Planning Principles of Management Financial Accounting Managerial Accounting Principles of Marketing Engineering Graphics II Geometric Dimensioning And Tolerancing For general information or registration call 1-800-818-3434 or visit our website @ www.middlesex.mass.edu