4 Social Media/Marketing Social Media Certificate UPDATED! Social Media Certificate Program MCC’s Social Media Certificate program is designed to provide participants with a foundation and skill set in the new, evolving world of social media. The skills can be applied immediately in the workplace or to market a small business. All eight classes must be attended in order to achieve a certificate. Please note: This is not an intro class. Students should open an account and have working knowledge of each platform prior to class. (16 hours) $249 1/16 - 3/06 6:00pm - 8:00pm T B MASTROGIACOMO TEC 640 30 17353 NA 102 Instagram Instagram is a rapidly growing platform that allows its users to post snapshots of the moments that make up their brand and hashtag their way to a new audience. We’ll work together to get you set up, understanding what hashtags are and how to use them to attract new eyes on your business, and the power that photos can bring to your brand.  (2 hours) Intro to Social Media YouTube Social media has quickly grown from a way to keep up with friends and acquaintances, to a powerful tool that can transform your business. Just as important as your website and in-person interactions, learning to effectively use social media through sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and blogging, will give you the opportunity to connect with audiences new and old in a compelling way. This course will give you an overview of today’s major social media sites and work with you to ensure your business is social media ready.  (2 hours) Continuing on with the theme of using visual components to get in front of your audience, we’ll dive into the world of YouTube, covering everything from set up to how this video platform can provide you exactly the tools you need to take your business to the next level. Video is one of the most powerful ways we can communicate our message, and with the use of YouTube, we have the power of advertising at our fingertips—for free! (2 hours) Blogging + Tumblr Facebook  Ever evolving but still arguably at the top of the social media food chain is Facebook. In this class we’ll learn to properly utilize your Facebook page to market your business or product, engage with customers, and grow brand awareness. You’ll be introduced to the basics of using Facebook as a business tool through the use of brand-aligned posts, Facebook groups, events, and insights. (2 hours) There is little more powerful than words when it comes to forming a connection with your audience. By utilizing blogging through platforms like WordPress, Tumblr, or your preferred method, you have the opportunity to reach your audience in a completely new way. In this class we’ll learn about the different platforms for blogging, how to craft a blog post that will resonate with your audience and build a strong connection, and how to use your social media to give that post the boost of exposure it needs. (2 hours) Twitter for Small Business Pinterest, LinkedIn One of the most powerful ways to connect with existing and prospective clients in 140 characters or less. We’ll discuss the best practices for small and growing business, including getting your message out to the right audience, the dos and don’ts of interacting on Twitter, and a hands-on overview of how to get started. (2 hours) What is Pinterest and why should you be pinning your way to marketing success? How do you use LinkedIn to expedite your job search and connect with others in your industry? This class will cover both platforms and the little secrets that make each a slam-dunk of networking. (2 hours) Social Media Marketing Plan During this course, students will present their social media marketing plans and get feedback from the instructor. Students should come prepared with the plan they have developed throughout the duration of the certificate. (2 hours) Get hands-on experience with this powerful tool as you bring your vision to life with your own WordPress.org site and blog. You’ll find out how to use WordPress to create pages and posts, add images and videos, change a site’s look and feel, and include user-friendly features. You’ll discover the ease of using WordPress design themes to express your creativity, and you’ll see how much fun it is to be part of the vibrant WordPress online community. (12 hours) $149 4/03 - 4/24 6:00pm - 9:00pm T B MASTROGIACOMO TEC 768 30 19109 NA 102 Upping Your Website Using WordPress The biggest mistake small businesses make is marketing without a brand. The most successful local businesses don’t just have a business, they have a brand. When you know what you stand for you’ll have a business that you love and attract clients you want to work with. This workshop will help you define your brand so you can clearly communicate who you are, what you do, why you do it, and know what sets you apart. Your brand will serve as the building block for your website, social media, and marketing materials. We’ll take a look at finding, defining, and perfecting your brand and translating that to your website, social media, marketing materials, and all that you do, leading to more sales, recognition, and clarity in your business. We will go over these practices, as well as dig into participants’ websites and social media in a non-technical way, focusing on ideas and suggestions for improving them. Come prepared to learn and share. (10 Hours) $129 4/11 - 5/09 6:00pm - 8:00pm W L MASTROGIACOMO TEC 770 80 19110 LC 203 Strategic Branding: Telling Your Story through Branding Community Education and Career Training www.middlesex.mass.edu/careertraining • 1-800-818-3434.