Credit Course Policy Information 39 • Third Party Payment: Students using company direct payment, state tuition waivers or veteran waivers MUST include the appropriate form or authorizing letters or purchase orders with their registration form. NO REFUND will be granted for late submission of forms. STUDENTS WHO ARE RECEIVING COMPANY REIMBURSEMENT MUST PREPAY TUITION AT THE TIME OF REGISTRATION OR BY THEIR BILL DUE DATE. • Tuition Waivers: Listed below are the waivers available. A majority of these waivers cover the tuition portion of the bill only. For more details regarding these waivers and their eligibility requirements please visit the Student Accounts Office website at We can also be reached in Bedford at 781-280-3645 and in Lowell at 978-656-3291. • Armed Forces • Client of Massachusetts Rehabilitation • Commission of the Blind • Commonwealth September 11, 2001 Tragedy Tuition Waiver • DSS Adopted Children Tuition Waiver • DSS Foster Children Tuition Waiver • Higher Education Employee Tuition Waiver • Human Service Provider Tuition Waiver • John and Abigail Adams Scholarship • Massachusetts National Guard Tuition Waiver • MCC Employee Tuition and Fee Waiver • Native American Tuition Waiver • Stanly Z. Koplik Certification of Mastery Tuition Waiver • State Employee Tuition Waiver • Valedictorian Tuition Waiver • Veterans • Senior Citizens: Permanent MA residents 60 years of age or over may take courses for $50 per 3-credit-course and $65 per 4-credit-course on a space available basis. • Reserve Officers Training Corps: MCC students may enroll at UMass Lowell for ROTC. Scholarships are available. Call AFROTC Dept. 345, UMass Lowell, 978-934-2252. MCC’s priority filing date is May 1, 2017. Financial aid awards are based on financial need, enrollment status, and availability of funding. The financial aid application is available online at Contact the Financial Aid Office if you need assistance. Our Bedford Office is located in the Enrollment Center and the telephone number is 781-280-3650. Our Lowell Office is located on the third floor of City Campus and the telephone number is 978-656-3242. Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress To be eligible for federal student financial aid, students must meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards. All recipients of all financial aid programs, including state funded programs, are subject to these standards for financial aid eligibility. Permission to enroll does not equal financial aid satisfactory academic progress. Satisfactory academic progress evaluation is based on cumulative MCC course work as appearing on the student’s official academic transcript and will occur at the end of spring semester. Certificate students are reviewed each semester. Only credit courses are considered for satisfactory academic progress evaluation. The minimum standards of satisfactory academic progress are evaluated by the following criteria 1. Grade point average (GPA): Students must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average based on the total attempted credits to remain in good standing. Number of attempted credits Minimum Grade Point Average 1 – 12 1.7 13 – 24 1.8 Above 24 2.0 2. Completion rate percentage: All students must successfully complete 66.7% of their MCC attempted credits as appearing on their official academic transcript, as well as transfer credits. 3. Maximum timeframe requirement: The student must complete his or her educational program of study within a timeframe no longer than 150% of the published length of the educational program, as measured by credits attempted and including transfer credits. Additional information on satisfactory academic progress can be found on our website at (click on Academic Progress). A paper version of the policy is available in our Financial Aid Offices. Middlesex Community College Payment Plan Middlesex Community College is pleased to offer the MCC Pay Plan, an interest-free monthly payment plan that can make your education payments more convenient and affordable. For more information or assistance visit our website at or contact the Student Accounts Office in Bedford at 781-280-3645 or in Lowell at 978-656-3291. Financial Aid Withdrawal Policy The calculation of the amount of financial aid a student is eligible to receive is determined by the date the student withdrew from Middlesex Community College. Students earn financial aid each semester based upon the length of time they attend Middlesex Community College. The percentage of aid earned is determined by dividing the number of days a student was enrolled by the number of days in the semester. Information on our policy may be found on our website at (click on Withdrawal Policy). A paper version of this policy is available in our Financial Aid Offices. Financial Aid MCC participates in most federal and state financial aid programs available to public post secondary institutions. Students must complete the 2017-2018 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). In order to be considered for most federal, state, and institutional financial aid, a student must: • Be accepted to and enrolled in an eligible program of study • Have a valid Social Security number • Be a citizen, national, or permanent resident of the United States or its trust territories • Have a high school diploma or equivalent • Maintain at least half time enrollment status (except for the Federal Pell Grant awards) • Maintain satisfactory academic progress (see policy below) • Maintain compliance with selective service requirements • Not be in default on any previous student loan or in repayment of an educational grant.