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Transferable credits • Affordable cost • Experienced faculty

Middlesex is an award-winning leader in online learning. As one of the first colleges in Massachusetts to offer online courses, MCC does it best.

For over 20 years, MCC has offered online courses and built on its solid foundation of success and effective teaching. Students who take courses online complete the same high-quality coursework as those who take courses on campus – and earn the same course credits.

Middlesex will feature four modalities of teaching in the Fall – each featuring immersive and interactive educational experiences:

  • Asynchronous Online – students work independently while meeting deadlines, engage with materials and other students on their own schedules, and have on-going access to online resources, pre-recorded lessons and tutorials.
  • Synchronous Online – students attend classes at specific dates and times while professors and students engage in live classes using a camera and microphone via a remote setting.
  • Hybrid (Blended) – students complete coursework online and come to campus only to finish practical experiences in a safe and controlled setting while following MCC's strict safety protocols and social distancing.
  • Hyflex (hybrid flexible) - Students have two options for attending class:  either face-to-face (in person) or online using Zoom or Collaborate.  Both options allow students to meet in real-time as a class.
  • In-Person – students come to campus for the entirety of the course in a safe and controlled setting while following MCC's strict safety protocols and social distancing.

Try Middlesex on for size if you are a(n):

  • Traditional-aged college student looking to earn transferable college credit
  • High school student wanting college experience and effective online learning platforms
  • Adult learner seeking new opportunities
  • Laid-off or furloughed employee hoping to jumpstart a career

Middlesex offers:

With online learning, your classroom can be as close as the nearest Internet connection!

MCC has been approved to participate in the National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements.

To learn more about registering for online courses please call 1-800-818-3434.


7 Tips to Enhance Your Online Learning Experience:

  1. Follow a routine – develop a study schedule to help keep you on track, reach your goals and transition on and off for the day. This includes working at times that are best for you and taking breaks when you need them!
  2. Designate a spot where you work – keep your space organized and stocked with all the tools you might need, just like when you bring a bag to class with you. This can help you stay focused and working on the task at hand, and creates a stable environment to make you feel less stressed.
  3. Engage in online resources – MCC offers interactive online classes and your instructor has made many resources and activities available to you online. Participation is just as important in online courses as it is in-person – read the materials, engage in discussions, and explore what your instructor has provided.
  4. Ask for help – contact your instructor or classmates for clarification or take advantage of MCC's ample online support services available to students. There are so many people and places here to help!
  5. Treat online classes like in-person classes – show up, do the work and set goals for yourself. Take responsibility for your part in taking and finishing the class. The more effort you put in, the more knowledge and skills you'll gain from a class.
  6. Stay organized – follow your syllabus to know what is expected from you in the class. Create a calendar or list of projects that are due throughout the course so you have a strong handle on your workflow. Prioritize assignments, use your time well, and reach out for help as soon as you realize you need it.
  7. Connect with the MCC community – many students find they do better academically when they are involved in campus activities. There are many ways the community is sticking together through the pandemic.

Technical support for MCC online students is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week: 978-656-3301

Last Modified: 8/4/23