How to Log into Blackboard

Blackboard is the online learning tool used here at Middlesex to provide you with the materials you will need for your academic success.  When you registered for classes you get an MCC ID number (example:  a00123456) and you can set up a password at the MyMCC portal log in page and using the "online self service tool" indicated below.

Middlesex Community College Log in space


Video Demonstration of password set up.

If you have an issue with the Password tool not working please call the MCC Service desk at 978-656-3301.

When you have logged into the MyMCC portal you will see a link under My Launchpad that will allow you to access to any courses you are taking that uses Blackboard for support. 

Image of the MCC Blackboard Logo
Please be aware that not all courses here at the college will use Blackboard. If you have any question about whether or not you will using Blackboard for your course please address those questions with your instructor.


Enrollment into a class that is using Blackboard will not give you immediate access to that course. The enrollment process can take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours. If you are switching course sections please remember that access to a class will not be available until you have that change processed by enrollment services. Please be aware that if you do not participate in a given course that you will be withdrawn from that course and any access to that course in Blackboard will also be terminated. You can be readmitted to the course at the discretion of the instructor. Here is a statement of what it means to participate in an online class.

Last Modified: 1/29/24