Values, Benefits, Expectations

Commonwealth Honors Program values integrity, honesty, perseverance, academic achievement, independence, intellectual curiosity, self-reliance, and a collaborative spirit.

Benefits of the Program:
• Membership in a community of intellectually curious learners
• Increased opportunities for scholarships
• Guaranteed transfer to any of the Commonwealth Honors Programs or Honors Colleges in the Massachusetts University system
• Enhanced prospects for acceptance to private four-year colleges and universities
• Participation in upper level seminars
• Development of leadership skills
• Attendance at scholarly conferences
• Resumé building activities such as the Honors Research Conference
• Participation in special events and networking activities
• Recognition as a Commonwealth Honors Scholar at Commencement

Expectations for honors students:
• Demonstrate academic and personal integrity
• Commit to be a full participant in the honors experience
• Collaborate with students and faculty
• Pursue independent scholarship
• Interact respectfully with members of the college community
• Cultivate student success skills
• Participate annually in the research conference
• Uphold CHP Values

Expectations for honors faculty:
• Mentor students through completion of their honors experience
• Guide students through their research papers/projects
• Advise students how to fulfill their honors requirements
• Commit to participate in honors activities
• Participate in the growth and development of the honors program
• Participate in annual honors conference
• Serve on the Honors Committee
• Uphold CHP Values

Last Modified: 8/21/18