CHP Speaker Series/Events

The Commonwealth Honors Program Speaker Series includes renowned speakers from academic institutions around the country. Speakers present groundbreaking work to students, faculty and staff in order to broaden our understanding of social injustices, provide historical perspectives and make connections to contemporary culture. The CHP presents two speakers per year (one per semester) and we will encourage all CHP students, as well as the larger college community, to attend. Access past presentations below, and stay tuned for upcoming speakers. 

Emmanuel Ness: "How Migration is Essential to the Economy of the United States"

Taine Duncan:
“We have to always be extraordinary but somehow we’re always doing it wrong”: Or, Why Philosophy Needs Intersectional Queer Theory More Than Ever"

Dayamani Barla: "A Conversation with Dayamani Barla on Indigenous People’s Mobilization Against Exploitative and Extractive Practices"

Dr. Lorgia Garcia Pena: "Translating Blackness: Latinx Colonialities in Global Perspectives"

Dr. Kyle Mays: “Blackness, Indigeneity, and Anti-Colonial Critique”


Ayo Magwood-Structural Racism, Part 1: Historical Roots

Ayo Magwood-Structural Racism, Part 2: Contemporary Expressions

Dr. Zophia Edwards-"Back to Normal?" Racism, Capitalism and the Ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic

Prof. David Kalivas- Racism and Civil Rights in the U.S: A Historical Perspective

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