Commonwealth Honors Transfer Information

UMass Dartmouth 

Transfer students who have participated successfully in the Commonwealth Honors Program at other colleges and universities in the Massachusetts public system of higher education are automatically eligible for membership in the UMass Dartmouth Honors College. The University Honors College accepts up to 12 Honors transfer credits from other institutions participating in the Commonwealth Honors Program. If it is clear on the college transcript that they are CHP students, they will be automatically invited to join our Honors program.

Please contact Darcy A. Stevens (, Assistant Director of Admissions for Transfer Affair.

UMass Boston 

When applying for transfer to UMB, students will be asked if they are a member of an honors program or honors college at their current institution. They will be asked if they’re interested in participating in the Honors College.

If a student is coming from a MA community college and has answered yes to both of those questions, UMB will email them asking them to confirm their participation in our Honors College (it's a quick checkbox). The Honors College will review their transcripts to confirm that they are CHP participants by reviewing their courses and then automatically place them in the college.

Please contact Sydney Morgan ( with any questions, and she will put them in touch with the Honor College.

UMass Amherst

Upon applying for transfer to UMass Amherst, students are directed to CHC. The advising will review the honors requirements so students know what steps they need to take to complete the honors program. Students then register for honors courses with their major academic advisor. Students are automatically admitted to UMass Amherst’s CHC as long as they apply early. UMass Amherst only has 100 spaces total for transfer students in CHC, so those applying late may not be admitted to CHC, even if they are completing the CHP.

Morgan Donovan-Hall, Director of Transfer Admissions, Enrollment Management

UMass Lowell 

When applying for transfer to UML, CHC students will get an automatic invite to join the Honors College.  The student would have to opt in to officially join the Honors College at UML.  From there, Honors would meet the student at Transfer Registration over the summer and be in contact with the student about important information and events like the New Transfer Student Welcome in the Fall. They would then have their Honors Specialist to help them navigate honors throughout their time at UML.  

 For questions, please contact Kyrie Kowalik (, Honors Specialist who works with Transfer Students. 

Last Modified: 3/26/24