Honors Research Conference

The Honors Research Conference is an opportunity for students to showcase their research and share their work with students, faculty and staff. It is held in the final weeks of the spring semester each year. All Honors courses require a research component and presentation, and Commonwealth Honors Scholars are expected to participate in the conference at least once prior to graduation, using a research project from one of their Honors classes. The conference serves as a lively celebration of the hard work of the Honors students, complete with refreshments, scholarships, prizes and giveaways.The specifics of the Honors Research Conference are discussed in each class, and Honors faculty  mentor students throughout the process.

What is a Research Conference:

An academic research conference is an event during which student researchers present their work to one another and to faculty. It is a great opportunity to learn about what other scholars are working on and share their work. Research conferences allow scholars to network and make important connections. Participation in this event will prepare students for conferences in their undergraduate and graduate work, as well as improve presentation skills.

How To Register for the Conference:

Your Honors faculty member will enroll interested students in the Honors Conference Blackboard site, where presentations will be uploaded. Sample presentations, the rubric, and additional information will be available on the Blackboard site. Please contact your Honors faculty member or honors@middlesex.mass.edu with any questions about the conference.

Research & Presentation Guidelines:



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