Fall 2024 Commonwealth Honors Program Courses 

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Fall 2024 Commonwealth Honors Courses 


COM/HST 292 50, CRN 18433/18444: US History through Film: Honors Seminar, Deb Botker/Jen Bauer, W 9:30-10:45a, On Campus Lowell, LF 206 & Online 

HST/HUM/SOC 290 01, CRN 15826/15824/18248: World Cultures: Honors Seminar, Binnur Ercem/Lara Kradinova, T 11:00a-1:45p, On Campus  Bedford, CC 216  

HUM/PHL/SOC 299 50, CRN 19033/19035/19034: Post-Colonial and Diaspora Studies: Honors Seminar, Jonathan Bennett, TR 9:30-10:45a, On Campus Lowell, LF 203 & Online 

CRJ/ENG 291 30, CRN 19246/19247: Exploring Social Justice Through Literature: Honors Seminar, Kate Baker/Heloisa DaCunha, T 6:00-7:15p Online 


ANT 101 01,CRN 19210: Cultural Anthropology: Honors, Binnur Ercem, R 11:00a-12:15p, On Campus Bedford  CC 216 & Online

COM/HUM/SOC 143 50, CRN 18505/18504/18503: Race, Class and Gender: Honors, Jonathan Bennett/Lara Kradinova, W 11:00a-1:45p, On Campus Lowell, W LF 219 

ENG 101 38, CRN 10239: English Composition I: Honors, Stephanie Pesce, Online 

ENG 101 04, CRN 19040: English Composition I: Honors, Brendan Hare, TR, 9:30-10:45a, Hyflex Bedford, NA 209 

ENG 102 37, CRN 18324: English Composition II: Honors, Kate Baker, Online 

ENG 102 34, CRN 10290: English Composition II: Honors, Kate Baker, MW 12:30-1:45p Online 

ETH 101 05, CRN 12985: Ethics and Society: Honors, Jonathan Bennett, M 11:00a-1:45p, On Campus Bedford, CC 216 

PSY 101 39,CRN 10783: Intro to Psychology: Honors, Pavithra Giridharan, R 11:00a-12:15p, Online 


BIT 250 80, CRN 18755: Advanced Techniques in Biotechnology: Honors, Mariluci Bladon/Phuong-Son Nguyen, M 5:00-7:00p, W: 5:00-10:00p, On Campus Lowell, LT-507

MAT 177 A01, CRN 18795: Statistics: Honors, Hayat Weiss, TR 2:00-3:15p, On Campus Bedford HH 309 & Online

PHY 150 01, CRN 18996: Astronomy (with Lab): Honors, Madhu Dhar, W 2:30-5:30p, On Campus Lab Bedford, HH 315 & Online 


NUR 205-50, CRN 13784: Nursing Care of the Adult 1: Honors, Susan Miller/Abigail Robtoy/Sarah Pedone, MR 10:00-11:50a, On Campus Lowell, MR LD 303 

NUR 255-50,CRN 13409: Nursing Care of the Adult 2: Honors, Susan Lavallee/Kerry Sorrentino, MR 8:00-9:50a, On Campus Lowell, MR LD 305 

NUR 255-80,CRN 13410: Nursing Care of the Adult 2: Honors, Susan Lavallee/Kerry Sorrentino, R 5:30-8:20p, On Campus Lowell, R LD 307 



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