TEAS Requirement Information FAQs

What is the TEAS?

The TEAS (Test of Essential Academic Skills) - Nursing is a national standardized test that provides assessment data regarding a student’s overall academic preparedness for nursing related content. The TEAS was developed by Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI), and is a computerized test composed of multiple-choice questions organized into four sections, which measure reading ability, basic mathematics skills, science and English grammar.

Please note that we cannot accept TEAS – Allied Health scores.

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What is the academic content on the TEAS?

The Reading subtest covers paragraph comprehension, passage comprehension, inferences and conclusions.

The Math subtest covers whole numbers, metric conversion, fractions and decimals, algebraic equations, percentages and ratio/proportion.

The English subtest measures knowledge of punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, words and spelling.

The Science subtest covers scientific reasoning, human body science, life science, physical science, and general science knowledge.

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How long is the test?

There are a total of 170 multiple choice questions that take approximately 3 1⁄2 hours to complete. The use of calculators, dictionaries or other aids is not permitted. The four areas are divided as follows:

53 questions
64 minutes

36 questions
54 minutes

English and Language Usage
28 questions
28 minutes

53 questions
63 minutes

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What if I need additional time?

Students with documented disabilities that qualify them for test-taking accommodations will be granted accommodations per the MCC Disability Support Services policy. Please contact MCC Disability Support Services for additional information.

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Who needs to take the TEAS?

All applicants to the Middlesex Community College (MCC) Nursing Program will need to take the TEAS as part of the admission criteria, regardless of educational and/or professional background. No applicant to the Nursing Program is exempt from taking the TEAS test.

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What is the required score I need to get on the TEAS for Nursing admission?

Applicants must earn minimum score requirement of 60% in each section of the TEAS (Reading, Math, Science, and English). Middlesex Community College does not combine or round scores. 

We are currently accepting scores for TEAS IV and TEAS IIV.
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How will I know my TEAS score?

Students receive their individual TEAS score reports immediately upon completion of the exam. Students can also access their score reports by logging into www.atitesting.com

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Can I take the TEAS more than once?

The TEAS can be taken up to two times in a calendar year. Students must wait 45 days between each testing date.

For example, you can take the TEAS twice in the year 2022, 45 days apart. If the test is retaken before the end of the 45 day waiting period, the results will not be considered valid regardless of the testing location.

The TEAS can only be taken a maximum of four times within a three year period.

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Is there a timeframe of when I can take the TEAS?

The test MUST have been taken within 12 months (one year) of applying to the MCC Nursing Program. Scores that are older than a year at the time of submitting your Nursing application will not be accepted.

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How can I prepare for this test?

Applicants can attend Virtual TEAS Workshops with our ACE Tutoring Department.

For one-on-one help studying for the exam, you can request an individual tutor appointment here.

There is an ATI study manual available to borrow at the MCC libraries and the ACE Tutoring Centers to assist you in preparing for this test. The study manual provides sample questions and general information in the areas of Reading, Math, Science and English. You may also purchase this manual at the MCC Bookstore or online at www.atitesting.com.

Online assesments are available at www.atitesting.com as well.

Please make sure you attend the required Virutal Nursing Overview session to learn all the ways you can prepare the exam.

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When should I take the TEAS and how do I sign up for it?

You should take the TEAS when you feel prepared for the exam. 

You can sign up for the TEAS by going to www.atitesting.com. You will be required to create a user name and password. Registrations will be accepted up to the day before the test (space permitting).

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How much does it cost to take the TEAS?

The cost to take the TEAS at Middlesex is $106. The cost is paid upon registration at atitesting.com. Cost varies from institution. If you are financially unable to pay this fee, please complete the TEAS Fee Waiver Request Form to see if you qualify for a fee waiver. Please note that a fee waiver can only be used for a test taken on campus at Middlesex.

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Where can I take the TEAS?

Besides MCC, we will accept TEAS composite scores from the following approved testing sites:

We can accept online (remote) TEAS tests if they are taken with (proctored by) ATI.
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What important information should I know about taking the TEAS with MCC?

  1. The TEAS is administered on the MCC Bedford campus.
  2. To be admitted to your testing session, you will need to present proper photo identification, such as a driver’s license, passport, or green card.
  3. Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required for any test takers as well.
  4. Bring your ATI Log-in Information. Test takers who do not have their ATI username and password will not be able to take the exam.
  5. You are allowed to the bring two sharpened No. 2 pencils with attached erasers. No other writing instruments are allowed.
  6. The test will begin and end at the scheduled time. If you arrive late, you may take the test, but the time will not be extended beyond what was scheduled.
  7. Please schedule your appointment carefully and make every effort to attend. Should unforeseen circumstances occur that prevent you from attending on your scheduled test date, you will only be allowed to reschedule one additional time.
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How do I submit my TEAS scores?

If you take the TEAS at Middlesex, your scores will be automatically added to your student file at no cost.

If you take the TEAS at another testing location or online, you will need to request a TEAS transcript be sent to Middlesex. The cost per TEAS transcript is $27. You will need to log into your ATI account to request a transcript be sent to Middlesex CC-Lowell MA. You may see this option when you first register for the TEAS as well. We can only accept official TEAS transcripts to meet the requirement.
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Last Modified: 8/2/22