Urgent Concerns

Regardless of circumstances or context, any reference to suicide, threat of suicide, or attempt at suicide must be taken seriously.  Refer to the Student Suicide Prevention Protocol, which mandates that if a student discloses that they have recently been or are currently hospitalized for suicidality, the faculty/staff member must notify the Dean of Students.

If a student refers to the how, when, or where of ending their lives by suicide, then immediate intervention is necessary and you must notify Public Safety. If the student is in immediate danger and you cannot reach Public Safety, call 911.

Feeling unsettled or concerned about a student?Make a SAIT referral.

If any student's comments or actions leave you feeling concerned or unsettled, but doesn't rise to the level of an emergency or urgent concern, please utilize the Student Assessment and Intervention Team (SAIT) referral process to share these concerns. Please click here to learn more about Student Assessment and Intervention Team and their aim to keep our students safe.
Last Modified: 3/25/24