Consultation Services

The Wellness Counselor consults to faculty, staff, and administrators about students' emotional/ behavioral issues which may surface in the classroom, in offices, or in other areas around the college. College personnel should contact the Wellness Counselor about any student situation that is worrisome. Please note: while faculty/staff are encouraged to share their concerns about students with the Wellness Counselor, any information that they may have about a particular student will be kept strictly confidential and not be shared.

As a consultant, the Wellness Counselor can provide information, training, and support to MCC personnel in dealing with problematic student behavior. The Wellness Counselor can help to clarify the issue at hand, problem-solve with the faculty/staff member, and recommend a plan of action or additional resources. Proactive workshops and trainings are offered periodically throughout the year and can be requested for a particular department or division.

For any consultation assistance please contact the Wellness Counselor.

For specific information about policies and procedures regarding student conduct please visit the Dean of Students homepage.

Last Modified: 8/25/23