The Community College System permits, in each College’s sole discretion, the creation of telework opportunities for employees. Below is information regarding the telework process at Middlesex Community College. 

Telework Policy of the Massachusetts Community College System 

Middlesex Community College Telework Guidelines - Updated December 2023

Telework Policy Parameters  

  • Employees that telework shall comply with all applicable College polices, practices and procedures and also any applicable department-specific rules and procedures during all scheduled telework hours.
  • Employees’ telework location should be free of interruption and provide a confidential and quiet setting for conducting College-related business.
  • Employees that telework may not perform any other non-work duties while teleworking from home.
  • Employees that telework receive the same benefits, and are subject to the same policies and notice requirements as non-teleworking employees, including the use of sick, vacation, personal, compensatory and other leave requests.
  • Employees shall recognize that they may need to report on-site on a day otherwise scheduled for telework at the directive of their supervisor or if any assignment requires them to be in-person.
  • All College-related documents and materials, whether hardcopy or electronic, shall be maintained by the employee in a secure and confidential manner.
HR/CMS Time Reporting
  • Employees approved for teleworking should code their scheduled work hours spent teleworking as TEL. Employees working on-campus should code their work hours as REG
  • If employees that telework are unable to work any portion of their approved teleworking hours, they must request supervisor approval to use applicable sick, vacation, personal, compensatory, and other leave for the hours not worked.
  • An employee, upon request, may seek to modify an approved telework schedule. Supervisors have the discretion to approve such requests based on operational needs. 
Telework Guidelines
  1. Plan ahead – Communicate with your coworkers and supervisor in advance of submitting your telework application to discuss in-person office coverage and create a telework schedule that works for all parties involved. This will ensure a positive experience while delivering results.
  2. Supervisors should foster effective teamwork. If more than one employee is working remotely, treat telework as a team activity rather than an individual one. Develop a team schedule and a teleworking system that is consistent with the needs of your department. Supervisors should work to ensure that there is sufficient in-person coverage on campus on a daily basis.
  3. Employees must share their telework schedule in the College Directory to communicate their on-campus and telework schedule with colleagues. 
  4. A supervisor may deny or revoke a telework request due to an employee’s recent performance history and need for improvement.
  5. Get ready for the day by dressing for success as if you were going to work on campus and have a designated workspace.
  6. Keep in touch with colleagues throughout the day and be accessible. Encourage communication across all channels (e.g., Zoom, phone, email, text). 
  7. Create structure and set boundaries – create a daily work and personal schedule. Ensure children, pets, and other household needs are taken care of before and after scheduled work hours.
  8. Keep your normal work routine while working remotely – lunch period and break times.
  9. Be open to what you will learn and need to learn while teleworking, such as increased use of technology and the need for enhanced communication.
  10. Utilize the College's telephone system to be able to access your College telephone extension while teleworking.
  11. When attending zoom meetings, keep your camera on to engage in communication and actively participate in dialogue.
  12. Seize opportunities for in-person collaboration and attendance at College wide events.
  13. Maximize your time on campus – Make the most out of your on-campus work schedule by maintaining an open door, brainstorming with colleagues on collaborative group work, using this time to build relationships with colleagues, holding in-person staff meetings, and participating in employee engagement opportunities.
  14. Maintain a positive outlook – We must all focus on the outcomes of the work being completed, and not the physical presence of employees to demonstrate effectiveness and the ability to meet expectations both on-campus, and remotely.
  15. The start of a telework schedule for new hires may commence at the discretion of a supervisor to ensure effective onboarding experience.
  16. Supervisors should follow the same approach in managing telework and on-campus work by defining clear expectations and communicating expected results, quality of work, deadlines, and any other criteria that might affect the successful completion of duties.
  17. Reflect and adjust – Over time, have open and honest discussions with team members regarding telework scheduling. Solution-oriented discussions can ensure that work is being completed, departments are being successful, and will help to sustain the success of the telework program and arrangements.
Telework during Inclement Weather/Emergency

In the event that workers at an employee’s regular work location are dismissed due to an emergency, teleworking employees will be excused from teleworking as well, consistent with any applicable collective bargaining agreement and non-unit handbooks. The HR/CMS time code is WEA for scheduled work hours. 

Steps to Share Telework Schedule in the College Directory

  1. Login to My MCC
  2. In the top right corner, where your name is displayed, click the drop-down and click About Me
  3. Click the Edit Your Profile link
  4. Click in the About Me field (rectangular box) to add text to the About Me section
  5. Type in your telework schedule
  6. Scroll down and click Save All and Close
Telework Training Requirement for Employees New to Telework
  • Employees who are new to telework must complete a LinkedIn Learning training titled Tips for Working Remotely prior to the start of the 7/1/2023 telework cycle. This training provides guidance on setting yourself up for success, staying productive while working remotely, working with your team, and discusses common challenges in teleworking.
  • To access the training: Login to My MCC to access LinkedIn Learning
Last Modified: 11/27/23