Human Resources

Welcome to the Human Resources webpage of Middlesex Community College.  On this section of the college website, we have attempted to make the information as relevant as possible to current and prospective employees.  Your questions and feedback about the page are welcomed and encouraged.  Thank You. 

Kimberley McMahon, Director of Human Resources
Cataldo Bldg. (Bldg. 10), Bedford
781-280-3624 -

Darcy Orellana, Assistant Director of Human Resources
Bldg. 9, Bedford
781-280-3559 -

Julie Kelley, Employment & Benefits Coordinator
Cataldo Building (Bldg. 10), Bedford
781-280-3531 -

Idania Coa Cepeda, Administrative Assistant
Cataldo Building (Bldg. 10), Bedford
781-280-3527 -


HR Fax number 781-280-3515

Last Modified: 4/14/16