How to Access Employee Self Service

Employee Self-Service is now available for you to view and update certain personal and payroll related information. Employee Self-Service is easy to access and use. All you need is an Internet connection and a supported browser. Below is some helpful information to help you navigate the system.

Your user ID is XXXXXX. For Employee Self-Service questions, please contact Meria Kuriakose at extension 3675, Maria Hodgdon at extension 3577, or Lauren Hutchinson at extension 3546.

The website is: Click on the blue Employee Self Service box. This will take you to the Log In Page. It may be helpful to bookmark the Log In Page.

Login ID and Password

Your default Employee Self-Service password is the First letter of your first name capitalized + the first letter of your last name, lower case + your Employee ID + the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. When you log in to Employee Self-Service for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password and select the security questions you will be asked if you need to re-set your password.

  • Ex: John Smith ID 123456 SS# xx-xx-2222
  • Js1234562222

Employee Support

When you begin using Employee Self-Service, the HR/Payroll Department will be available to answer your payroll and personal information update questions and to re-set your Self-Service Password if necessary.

Job Aids and Online Learning Videos

Job Aids are available online. They provide click-by-click guidance for using Employee SelfService. Online learning videos are available to assist employees who are new to self-service. The online learning videos provide an overview of system navigation and features. Visit Employee Self-Service Online to review the job aids and videos.

Confirm Email

In order to receive important Employee Self-Service notices, employees must have an email address in the system. We ask that you follow the steps below to confirm your email is accurate in the system. The step-by-step guidance is provided for employees new to Self-Service only. Employees currently using Self-Service Time and Attendance should have a valid email address in the system.

Follow these steps to view and update an email address:

  • Navigate to the MassHR homepage (
  • Click the “Employee Self-Service” link.
  • Log in with your Employee ID and password.
  • Click “My System Profile” in the menu on the left and you will arrive at the General Profile Information page.
  • Review the “Primary Email Account” email address for accuracy and make updates, if necessary, in the “Email Address” text box.
  • Click “Save.”

High-Level “How To” Guidance for Release1 Features


“How To”

Log in to Employee Self-Service

  • Navigate to MassHR homepage ( )
  • Click the “Employee Self-Service” link
  • Log in with your Employee ID and password

Personal Information
Update Home and Mailing Address, Phone Number, and Emergency Contact Information

  • Log in to Employee Self-Service
  • Click “Personal Information” in the Self-Service menu on the left.
  • Click on the desired menu selection (“Home and Mailing Address,” “Phone Numbers,” or “Emergency Contacts”)
  • Update your information
  • Click “Save” and view confirmation screen

Payroll Information    

View and Print Pay Advice

  • Log in to Employee Self-Service
  • Click “Payroll and Compensation” in the Self Service menu on the left.
  • Click “View Paycheck.”
  • In the column labeled “Check Date,” click the date for the paycheck you would like to view.
  • The paycheck will open and you will be able to view details and print the “View Paycheck” .pdf.

Payroll Information

View Leave Balances

  • Log in to Employee Self-Service
  • In the Self Service menu on the left, click “Time Reporting,” then “Report Time,” then “Timesheet.” You will arrive at the Timesheet page.
  • Scroll down the page to view real-time Leave Balances.


Note: Online employees who are not Self-Service Time and Attendance users will not be able to enter time online, but will be able to view their real-time Leave Balances on their timesheet.



Last Modified: 8/4/23