July 20 - 23

LEGMINDSTORMfor ages 8 - 12

In this program, you will learn basics of robot building and programming. Kids are put into teams of four and presented daily challenges. You will then have to design, build, and test your robot in a fun and competitive atmosphere. Bring your imagination as you work closely in a team to create a competitive robotic masterpiece. Lego Mindstorms will also focus on RCX Code, the computer language that drives the Mindstorms robot in its tasks.

YTH 621 30         8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.                 BEDFORD                                            $299


EXPERIENCWRITING for ages 10 -15

From pavement to paper, this camp will approach the writing process via daily adventurous road trips and experiences. This odyssey will entail surveying several forms of writing and producing a portfolio as a memento of your daily field trips and activities. Campers will gain a stronger grasp of grammar concepts, creative writing techniques, and essay format. Confident and emerging writers with a sense of adventure and a love of learning new things are encouraged to attend. All activities included in the cost of the camp.

YTH 634  31         8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.                          BEDFORD                                                            $299



FITNESS for ages 10 - 15

What’s not to love about fitness? Don’t miss this chance to experience and participate in a wide variety of fitness opportunities, including basketball, soccer, volleyball, croquet, badminton, ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee golf, ping pong, kickball, whiffle ball, 4-Square, hiking, flag football, capture the flag, and more!! Kids will have the chance to experience some of these activities for the first time or develop their current skills. Days will be full, jam-packed with action, movement, and physical activity! Introductory in nature, activities will focus on recreation and fun rather than competition. All skill levels and abilities welcome – all equipment will be provided.

YTH 681 30       8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.                             BEDFORD                                            $299




ALL ABOUT SCIENCE! for ages 8 - 12

Experiments? Rockets? Cool chemical reactions? Animal Care? Forensics? Geology? Come to All About Science camp for a medley of fun activities. Learn how science works in the real world. A portion of the camp will involve children overcoming challenges the instructor presents to the group. Maybe simple machines, maybe catapults, maybe fingerprint identification. You never know what you will discover in All About Science.

YTH 639 30         8:30am – 4:30pm                              BEDFORD                                                             $299



It's true! Engineering can be fun and exciting! It can also be both educational and fun to learn. This project-based course provides an introduction to the basic concepts and fundamentals of engineering. For the first day of camp, you will learn how to problem solve, brainstorm, and design by using the engineering design process. As the week progress, the "young engineers", will then apply their new knowledge to build a hovercraft as a team of four students.  The week culminates with hovercraft races!

YTH 670 30   8:30am – 4:30pm   BEDFORD                           $299



Learning how to build simple websites and games helps children with problem solving, design and logic. Using free software that your child can then use at home, we will explore various sites designed to introduce kids to the world of coding.

YTH 691 30   9am – 12pm            BEDFORD                           $149



Create sets, design backgrounds, develop characters and create your own stop motion movies. Using imovie, we will add sound effects and voiceovers, music and titles. Kids should bring their own iphones, ipads or ipods with Lego Movie Maker and Google Drive installed (these are free apps). In addition, please install iMovie for $4.99 and bring a cable. This will ensure the kids can complete projects at home after camp has ended. We will also be using iMovie on campus in our MAC lab.

YTH 692 30              1pm – 4pm   BEDFORD                           $149


For kids that wish to take both Coding for Kids and Stop Action movie programs, there will be childcare available in between the two offerings from 12pm – 1pm.

Last Modified: 6/5/15