College for Parents

College for Parents provides information that parents can discuss and share with their college bound students.  Specifically, Parents will get access to monthly classes that provide financial support and resources to parents, guardians, educators and students while navigating the college process.  MCC is here to help you get off to an informed start for you and your child's college journey.  

How Much Does College Really Cost
This class will cover the direct and indirect college expenses, how to understand the student bill, tuition and fees and what expenses can be waived and what courses/majors can accrue additional charges.   (1 hour) $39
10/7     6:00pm - 7:00pm      Monday                    
Professor: PARRISH
Online with class meeting time 
Course Number:  PER 585 80    CRN: 18398   


What is FAFSA and Why it is Important
This class will explain what is FAFSA, application deadlines, how to obtain an FSA ID and what documents parents will need to assist their child in completing the Financial Aid application.       (1 hour) $39
10/14    6:00pm - 7:00pm        Monday                      
Professor: PARRISH
Online with class meeting time
Course Number:  PER 587 80    CRN: 18396     




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