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After School Programming

YTH courses are not eligible for Commonwealth of Mass. employee tuition waivers. To enroll, complete our Registration Form


Medical Laboratory Tech Career Exploration
Have you ever wondered who works in the hospital laboratory? What types of testing do they perform?  What role does the medical laboratorian play in the healthcare field and what skills do you need? Welcome to the world of medical laboratory science! If you are a high school student with an interest in laboratory science, join our Medical Laboratory Technology faculty as we explore tests performed to aid in detecting cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, bacterial infections and blood typing used in transfusion medicine. The last class will consist of a walking field trip to a local hospital laboratory where students will meet employees and view the sophisticated testing performed by these individuals. Upon successful completion, students can earn one (1) credit for IDS 132- Health Career Exploration at Middlesex Community College. This articulated credit is not always transferable to other institutions but can always be applied to MCC degrees and certificates.  (15 hours)  $175
09/23 - 10/16         4:00pm - 6:00pm Monday & Wednesday
Lowell Campus Building: Talbot, Room 401
Course Number: YTH 818 80       CRN: 18412         Professor: MCHALE
No class October 14.   Last class on October 17 is 4p to 7


The Art of Presentation: Speaking with Confidence
Students, does the thought of public speaking fill you with dread? Gain confidence early on, before you need to present to a crowd. This program, designed for teens, will focus on ways to use your voice and build confidence to set a solid foundation for success.  Students will practice speaking in a supportive environment while learning and using both verbal and non-verbal tools to increase self-esteem to feel comfortable in any setting.  $45
9/11 - 9/25         5:30pm - 6:30pm             Wednesday
Online with class meeting times
Course Number: YTH 823 75       CRN: 18469         Professor: Hahn


Algebra l Review
This review course is intended for students in grades 7-12 that would like to build confidence and strengthen their algebra skills. We will review concepts, solve problems, and answer questions.  Topics covered: simplifying expressions, definition of like terms, combining like terms, linear and polynomial, solving linear equations, graphing linear equations, equations of lines, solving and graphing linear inequalities.  Students participating are required to have a solid foundation in arithmetic, including fractions and decimal operations. (10 Hours) $129
9/11 - 10/09       5:30pm - 7:30pm             Wednesday
Bedford Campus             Building: North Academic, Room G-11
Course Number: YTH 786 30       CRN: 18466         Professor: WEISMAN


Algebra ll Review
This review course is intended for students entering 8th - 12th grade that would like to strengthen their algebra skills.  Content includes the following topics: Systems of equations, Quadratics, Graphing, Factoring, Solving (with and without quadratic Equation), Absolute Value, Radicals.  Students participating are required to have a solid foundation in Algebra 1. (10 hours) $129
10/30 - 12/04               5:30pm - 7:30pm             Wednesday
Bedford Campus             Building: North Academic, Room G-11
No class 11/27
Course Number: YTH 787 30       CRN: 18467         Professor: WEISMAN



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