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After School & School Vacation Week Programming


To enroll for After School and School Vacation Week Programming call 1-800-818-3434 to register.
YTH courses are not eligible for Commonwealth of Mass. employee tuition waivers.

In order to register please call 1-800-818-3434.  Please click on the course link for a more detailed course description. Questions or concerns please email us.  


Engage in online STEAM programming this fall, winter and spring.  Courses are in the areas of coding, game design, e-sports and virtual reality.  Weekday and weekend options available. 

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**NEW*** SAT & ACT Self-paced courses.

Receive a 20% discount when you register through MCC. Use the provided link to learn more about what is covered in the course and to use code MCCSP to receive discount.
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Academic Enrichment Classes
Do you need a review of the math you learned this year? Perhaps you want to learn more about finances as a young adult or just build your confidence. Course listed below will do just that! Have a great summer getting ready for fall!

NEW ONLINE Financial Adulting Toolkit

In this workshop, we will introduce the personal finance tools that your high schooler is going to need as they start to make independent financial decisions. Get hands-on practice and experience with pay stubs, banking, savings, credit cards, credit score, taxes and more. Attendees will make a list of financial to-dos that will give their high school graduation checklist a head start. *Please note that the last class in only 1 ½ hours and will meet from 4:30pm-6pm. * (5.5 hours) $75

07/06 - 07/09             10:00am - 12:00pm             Tuesday-Friday
Course Number YTH 801 75             CRN 14292


NEW ONLINE Foundations of Geometry
The Foundations of Geometry course will introduce the basic concepts and principles of Geometry. This course will begin by exploring basic figures such as points, lines, and planes, before expanding into common two- and three- dimensional figures. Students will learn how to find the area and volume of various figures and learn the basic principles of perpendicularity and parallelism. Throughout this course, students will use exploratory tools such as algebra, measurements, and the Pythagorean Theorem to develop a deeper understanding of shapes and other figures. This course will serve as an introduction to geometry and explore basics to develop students' deductive and inductive reasoning skills for analytical geometry. (18 hours) $150.00

06/28 - 07/05              10:00am - 12:00pm               Monday/Wednesday
Course Number: YTH 788 75                 CRN: 14285              Professor: PANDHREE


Algebra l Review
These review courses are intended for students entering 7th - 12th grade that would like to strengthen their algebra skills. Content includes the following topics: Simplifying expressions, Definition of like terms, combining like terms, Linear and Polynomial, Solving Linear equations, Graphing Linear equations, Equations of lines, solving linear inequalities, Graphing linear inequalities. Students participating are required to have a solid foundation in arithmetic, including fractions and decimal operations. This class is being taught using Blackboard Collaborate. (10 hours) $150
06/08 - 07/20             6:00pm - 7:30pm            Tuesday
Course Number: YTH 786 75              CRN: 14204           Professor: WEISMAN


Algebra ll Review
These review courses are intended for students entering 7th - 12th grade that would like to strengthen their algebra skills. An MCC mathematics faculty member will review the concepts, do problems, and answer questions. Content includes the following topics: Systems of equations, Quadratics, Graphing, Factoring, Solving (with and without quadratic Equation), Absolute Value, Radicals. Students participating are required to have a solid foundation in Algebra 1. This course will be taught using Blackboard Collaborate. (10 hours) $150
07/22 - 08/26               6:00pm - 7:30pm              Tuesday
Course Number: YTH 787 75                 CRN: 14205             Professor: WEISMAN


Fundamentals of Grammar & Punctuation
This course is designed to include three major areas of the language arts curriculum: the Eight Parts of Speech, correct usage, mechanics, and the use of proper punctuation. These critical areas are the foundation of a well-written piece of creative writing to the more expository research types of works. Resource Recommended: The Best Grammar Workbook Ever by Miller. Zoom is the platform method to be used to teach the class. $150
07/19 - 08/16               10:00am - 12:00pm                Monday
Course Number: YTH 789 30                   CRN: 14254              Professor: O'CONNELL

The Game of Writing: How to Become Effective and Creative in Essay writing
This course is designed to explore the Five Step Writing Process (Prewriting, Writing, Revision, Editing and Publication). Additional techniques to be highlighted are how to enhance vocabulary development, dictionary, and thesaurus
skills, speaking and listening skills. An introduction to literary terms and various genres will be shared to model the characteristics of timeless classics. Method used to teach the class: Zoom
07/21 - 08/18                 10:00am - 12:00pm                Wednesday
Course number: YTH 790 30                 CRN: 14256                 Professor: O'CONNELL


Girls Be Yourself & Amazing
4-hour workshop series will encourage girls to be authentic by being true to their gut: instincts, to respond vs. react and to be mindful in their communications. Includes self-care tips and tools including breathing techniques, various meditation methods and the power of positive affirmations. Weekly group activities will be emailed prior to session. (4 hours) $95
08/09 - 08/12                    1:00pm - 2:00pm                  Monday-Thursday
Course Number: YTH 794 75                  CRN: 14241                 Professor: MARRAMA



If you have any questions please call Program Manager, Lauren Ellis, 781-280-3669 or send us an email.



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