MCC Cares

In partnership with local banks, through community donations, and with recently approved government aid, MCC has established several sources for student financial/economic relief. See below to learn how to qualify and apply. For more information about these resources or to talk with someone about your personal financial matters as they relate to your tuition, financial aid, or essential needs, please email

MCC Emergency Fund

The MCC Student Emergency Fund is a resource to help students who are dealing with an unexpected, short-term emergency, which makes it challenging for them to focus on their courses/academics. Typically, Student Emergency Funds are granted as a 1-time allocation. Qualified emergencies include, but are not limited to, sudden loss of housing (fire, eviction, unsafe conditions), domestic violence, loss of reliable transportation, sudden unemployment, food insecurity, or inability to purchase required textbooks or course materials.

Any MCC student currently enrolled in 1 or more credit is eligible to apply. Students may apply online for Emergency Funds and must provide all requested information on the online application. In some cases, applicants may also be contacted via phone/email for additional information. Students will be notified via email once their request has been approved or denied. For more information about the MCC Student Emergency Fund, email

Housing Assistance

Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD)
• RAFT and ERMA Resources
• Phone: (617) 573-1100

Tenancy Preservation Program (TPP)
Providing Sustainable Homelessness
To contact TPP directly:
Amy Garner
TPP Director
(508) 438-5656
Tenancy Preservation Program (TPP) is a homelessness prevention program. TPP works with tenants, including families with children with disabilities, facing eviction as a result of lease violations related to a disability (including mental illness) and connects those families with other resources, including but not limited to RAFT. TPP functions as a neutral party to the landlord and tenant. In consultation with the Housing Court Department, TPP works with the property owner and tenant to determine whether the disability can be reasonably accommodated, and the tenancy preserved.

For the Eviction Diversion Initiative there is a temporary COVID Response TPP available to serve a broader range of high-risk households, targeting extremely low-income, seniors and families with children, accessible via HCEC or Court referral.
To find one of 6 regional TPP providers, go to:

Middlesex Community College Law Center
• Email:
• Phone: (978) 656-3342
• October 2020 Special Edition E-Newsletter

Community Teamwork (CTI)
• Email:
• Phone: (978) 654-5607
• Fax: 978-459-0513
• 17 Kirk Street, Lowell, MA

Grocery Expenses

Thanks to generous community grants, MCC has a limited number of Market Basket gift cards for students who are struggling to access/afford food. MCC students are eligible for 1 gift card per person.  Students may apply online using the Gift Card Request Form.  If approved, gift cards may either be mailed to students, or picked up at the MCC Lowell/Bedford Public Safety Office.  For more information,email


Tuition Appeal Information

Campus closures and shifts to online instruction in the wake of COVID-19 have necessitated a reevaluation of our Tuition Appeal requirements. Visit our website for the criteria for requests and documentation related to COVID-19 that will be considered in addition to the reasons stated in the Late Withdrawal and/or Tuition Appeal policy. Students should utilize the Late Withdrawal and/or Tuition Appeal form. Contact with questions.

Financial Wellness with iGrad

Information about Financial Wellness with iGrad can be found on our website or contact or call 978-656-3230.


Last Modified: 8/4/23