Strategic Directions

  • We will improve access and advance student success by strengthening evidence-based practices and resource allocation. To enhance student access we will expand proven practice and explore new initiatives in vertical teaming, dual enrollment, college readiness, and course and program delivery models. To advance student success, we will implement high impact practices that support core student success skills and close achievement gaps. Institutional student learning outcomes for our graduates will be clear, transparent and well-integrated throughout the students' college experience. Ongoing, college-wide assessment will foster continuous improvement and drive resource allocation.
  • We will transform learning by integrating academic, workplace and global experiences to meet personal, professional and community needs. Global perspectives, real-world experiences and professional skills will enrich our academic programs and be authentically assessed. We will provide a relevant and transformative academic experience through the expansion of opportunities for career planning, experiential learning, cooperative education, internships, externships, undergraduate research, service learning and international education. In response to industry and community needs, we will design programs in emerging fields that include short-term and accelerated training models and non-credit articulation.
  • We will drive innovation, enrich community and broaden the learning experience for all by fulfilling our shared responsibility for diversity through expanded activities that promote a broader understanding and appreciation for diversity and recognize the importance of globalization. We will improve policies and practices to recruit, support and retain a more diverse student body and workforce. Together, students, faculty, and staff will create a working and learning environment that values diversity in all its forms as the essential element inspiring improvement and innovation. We will focus on research, pedagogies, and initiatives that assist in identifying and closing achievement gaps for diverse student populations and effectively support student success for all.
  • We will empower all members of the college community to be educators, mentors, advocates, entrepreneurs and lifelong learners through enhanced professional development, curriculum and co-curricular activities. We will expand engagement opportunities for part-time faculty and support staff; increase the use of mentoring, advocacy and peer support models; and continue to build a college environment that encourages on-going reflection, wellness, improvement and entrepreneurship. To enhance student responsibility, self-advocacy and leadership, we will increase student representation on college-wide committees and create new roles for students as peer mentors, advisors, tutors and leaders.
  • We will foster greater college engagement through improved communication, personal connections and collaborative partnerships by creating new opportunities for students, faculty and staff to interact, learn and work together to build community, to enhance student learning outcomes and to achieve strategic college priorities. We will strengthen college-wide communication and information dissemination through the effective use of next-generation technology tools, the establishment of innovation and interest groups and the inclusion of student voice in all we do.
  • We will build partnerships that stimulate innovation and address the educational, social, economic, and workforce development needs of our communities. We value our role as a convener for active partnerships aimed at creating innovative solutions to significant community challenges. By maximizing relationships with our workforce investment and advisory boards, employers, career centers, and alumni, we will be positioned to best meet emerging education and training needs. Internal college teams will reach out to community partners to highlight and creatively address local and regional issues. We will proactively demonstrate and market the value of our resources and programs, attaining a new level of community awareness, responsiveness and impact.
Last Modified: 8/4/23