MCC Global Education Advisory Board

The International Advisory Board is a small group of informed community leaders, administration, faculty and students who provide advice and advocacy on issues that will help shape the direction of global programs and initiatives at Middlesex. Specifically, Board members will:

  • Provide advice and expertise on existing global education program improvement
  • Suggest new training programs with global focus to better serve employers
  • Recommend part time and/or guest lecturers from industry with particular expertise for MCC
  • Review and critique relevant written and online materials
  • Serve as a general steering committee for MCC’s Global Education initiatives and programs

The Advisory Board meets once each Fall and Spring semester with each meeting scheduled for approximately 1.5 hours. Board members occasionally may be asked to provide input or feedback via e-mail between the scheduled meetings.  

2013-2014 Global Education Advisory Board Members

James Mabry, President, Middlesex Community College

Phil Sisson, Provost and Vice-President for Academic and Student Affairs, Middlesex Community College

Dona Cady, Dean of Global Education, Middlesex Community College

Marja-Leena Bailey, Chair of the ELL and World Language Department, Middlesex Community College

Jared Blake, student, Middlesex Community College

Mary Anne Dean, Dean of Resource and Development and Grants Office, Middlesex Community College

Patricia Demaras, Assistant Dean, International and Multicultural Office, Middlesex Community College

Ken Dunn, Paralegal Faculty, Director of  International Programs in SE Asia, Middlesex Community College

Todd Fry, Co-Executive Director for Community Engagement and Innovation, Merrimack Valley Sandbox

Lynne Garone, Senior Director of Analytical Technology, E Ink Corporation

Judy Hogan, Dean of Business, Education, and Public Service, Middlesex Community College

David Kalivas, Social Science Faculty, Director of MCC Honors Program, Middlesex Community College

Paula Murphy, Director, Massachusetts Export Center

Jeff Tejada, Assistant Director of Admissions and Student Recruitment, Middlesex Community College

Robert Union, Vice-President, Transene Co.

Paul van der Wasem, Chairman and CEO, BTU International Inc.



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