Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I make an appointment for Student Access and Support Services?

A. You can make an appointment or request additional information by scheduling through Accommodate or emailing us ( You can also leave a confidential voicemail by calling 781-280-3630. How to schedule an appointment through Accommodate:
1. Please log in to:

2. Click appointments link in the main menu

3. 'Accommodations' as the appointment type and find a time that works with your schedule. 

Q. How do I provide documentation of my disability?

A. Current documentation needs to be sent to the Student Access and Support Services Office. Submit your documentation one of the following ways:

  • Attach your documentation to your Accommodation Request Form
  • Email:
  • Mail or drop off:
    Middlesex Community College
    Student Access and Support Services
    591 Springs Road
    Bedford, MA 01730
  • FAX: Attn: Student Access and Support Services at 781-275-7126

NOTE: This documentation should NOT be included with the college application.

Q. When do I contact Student Access and Support Services?

A. New students should contact Student Access and Support Services at least four weeks prior to the semester in which they will be attending. Returning students should contact our office prior to the beginning of classes, at least one week prior of the new semester.

Q. Is documentation about my diagnosis confidential?

A. Yes. FERPA laws protect the confidentiality of information concerning disabilities. Only the personnel working in Student Access and Support Services have access to a student's disability file, unless the student gives consent.

What do I do if I need accommodations?

The first step is to complete an Accommodation Request Form by following this link:
Documentation can be attached directly to the form (for more information on documentation guidelines, please visit:
You will also find a form that can be completed by a provider on our page under Forms:

Last Modified: 4/12/24