Engineering Science Program

The Engineering Science degree programs constitute two full years of a 4-year B.S. degree program in Engineering, and facilitates the success of students at Middlesex Community College. The program serves as a pathway for students who desire to complete their Associates of Science Degree in Engineering at MCC while also transferring into Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree programs at four-year institutions. Graduates of the A.S. program will be prepared to transfer as juniors and will require an additional two years of full-time study -- primarily Engineering core courses and Engineering electives -- to complete their bachelor’s degree in Engineering.

The program was designed as part of a special relationship with the Francis College of Engineering at UMass Lowell, and satisfies specific UML course requirements for both Civil/Environmental and Mechanical Engineering concentrations. This program will also satisfy most Gen Ed requirements of the B.S. degree.

Individual electives vary by Engineering concentration. Students will want to consider taking their first engineering elective during the second semester of their first year. In most cases, MCC students will take their Engineering electives at UML, and receive full credit toward their AS degree through the reverse articulation agreement that is part of this program. Students who wish to transfer to four-year institutions other than UML upon completion of their A.S degree should consult with Advising early in the program.

Program outcomes include:

  • Design a system, component or process to produce a desired result;
  • Research and analyze information, and apply critical thinking to draw conclusions;
  • Work effectively in a multi-discipline team;
  • Identify, formulate and solve engineering problems using engineering tools and/or advanced mathematics and science;
  • Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing;
  • Demonstrate professionalism by behaving ethically and showing initiative to learn independently

Associate Degree Programs

For more information contact:

Cristopher Algarra, Computing and Engineering Department Chairperson
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