Biotechnology Technician Program

Biotechnology is the use of living organisms, such as cells and bacteria, for commercial purposes. The biotechnology industry is highly diversified, with unlimited prospects of growth and expansion in the fields of health, energy, foods, pharmaceuticals, environmental management and agriculture among others.

Our Biotechnology Technician program provides students with the education and training in skills required for entry level employment as technicians in manufacturing, research, media preparation, validation, quality control, documentation, and process operations. The program emphasizes hands-on practical lab work and includes on-site work experience at a local biotechnology company. The program offers both certificate and Associate degree options.

In addition to biotechnology-specific science, students take classes in chemistry, biology, microbiology, English composition, mathematics for technology, computers for technology, and quality control/GMP. Credits earned in the Certificate Program are applied to the Biotechnology Technician Associate Degree.

Mariluci Bladon, Ph.D., BIT Department Chairperson

Last Modified: 5/13/24