Computer Forensics

Where criminal justice joins forces with computer technology.

The Computer Forensics (CF) programs at Middlesex represent a unique collaboration between three Massachusetts community colleges and the University of Massachusetts/Boston. Supported by a Computer Forensics Advanced Technology Education (CFATE) project grant from the National Science Foundation, Middlesex now offers certificate and associate degree programs in Computer Forensics.

Computer Forensics is a new and emerging field of criminal investigation combining a knowledge of digital technology with an understanding of the criminal justice system and local, state and federal laws. This field is ideal for information technology and criminal justice students and professionals interested in exploring how computer technology can be applied to the investigation of computer related crimes. The curriculum integrates computer technology and criminal justice elements throughout the required courses.

Extensive hands-on training will be provided in MCC's new, state-of-the-art computer forensics laboratory located on the Lowell campus. This practical learning lab offers students a unique opportunity to learn how CF hardware and software systems operate to solve real-world crimes.


Professor Margie Bleichman, Computer Science Department Chair
781 280-3825

Last Modified: 3/20/18