Middlesex Community College Law Center

The Middlesex Community College Law Center in Lowell is a community mediation center that has provided conflict resolution services since 1989. We administer consumer protection, individual, community, and trial court mediation services and training, as well as school-based violence prevention programs. All of our programs are supported by Middlesex Community College, as well as through a variety of funding partners as listed below.

Local Consumer Program

The Local Consumer Program (LCP) works in cooperation with and is funded by the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office to mediate consumer issues via the telephone. In over 10,000 cases since 1990 the MCC Law Center has provided savings to consumers of over 3 million dollars. File a Consumer Complaint

Middlesex Mediation Program

The Middlesex Mediation program works in cooperation with and is funded by the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office and the Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration. The program is approved by the Massachusetts Trial Courts to provide mediation services in the District and Superior Courts. Mediation services are available for private and public disputes on a no-fee or sliding scale fee basis. A 45-hour certificate mediation training is provided several times each year and meets the Supreme Judicial Court's requirements for court-connected mediators. The program was established in 1990.

Concilliation Program

A new conciliation program started in April 2012. Working in collaboration with the Greater Lowell Bar Association and Lowell District Court, MMC offers free conciliation services to parties at the final pre-trial conference hearing for civil cases at Lowell District Court. Conciliators are experienced attorneys who have participated in an 8-hour training that meets the Supreme Judicial Court's requirements for court-connected conciliators.

SCORE (Student Conflict Resolution Experts) Peer Mediation Program

Since 1991, the Law Center has provided on-site peer mediation at Lowell High School, and also  frequently trains teachers, staff, and students in mediation. The SCORE peer mediation program is a schools-based, violence prevention program funded by the Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration and Lowell Public Schools.


Director - Terrence Downes, Esq.

Coordinator, Local Consumer Program - Clare McCurley

Mediation Coordinator/Conciliation Administrator, Middlesex Mediation & Conciliation - Karin Bischoff, Esq.

Mediation Coordinator, SCORE Peer Mediation Program at Lowell High School - Yvette Cheeks

Last Modified: 7/27/18