Globalize Your Course

Ankor Wat

Go Local to Globalize!

Globalizing your course increases student engagement, empowers diversity, and energizes you as a faculty member.  Global perspectives transform learning and as educators at Middlesex we can assist our students to become global citizens by infusing international elements into course content. 

ow Do I Globalize My Course?

It’s really up to you.  There’s no definitive way to internationalize your course.  However, a first step may be to ask yourself how your discipline is connected to a global issue or perspective.  Then, consider what global professional skills are associated with your discipline. and finally, how knowledge may be different from one culture to another.

Need help?  Check out the resources below or contact Dona Cady,, 781-280-3678. 


Curriculum Methods – Ideas for how you can globalize your course

Assessment & Activities – Ideas specific to a globalized course

Student Learning Outcomes– SLO language and examples

Last Modified: 5/14/24