The First-Year Experience Seminar at MCC

FYE LogoAt the core of MCC's First-Year Experience is the First-Year Experience Seminar a one-credit Interdisciplinary Studies course  Students learn essential success skills, strategies and behaviors that are necessary for the successful completion of their college classes.

There are a variety of other IDS seminars that can be taken as stand-alone courses. IDS courses foster a strong sense of community through the use of small classroom settings, group projects, presentations, and course offerings that are topical and accessible to all students. IDS courses incorporate a wide variety of concepts and are designed to support the development of students' oral and written communication skills, while promoting strong relationships among students, their instructors, and the college community.

Other IDS courses include:

  • Leadership
  • Interdisciplinary Weekend
  • Career Exploration
  • Wellness
  • The Choices We Make
  • Research
  • Money Matters: Personal Finance
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking


Check the Semester Advising Schedule and meet with your academic advisor for available IDS course offerings.



Last Modified: 3/2/24