Flexible Scheduling Options

Business Administration programs present many scheduling options, including online courses and evening classes. Day classes are scheduled in the early and mid morning and early afternoon to allow students to integrate work and family needs with their educational goals. Many business and general education courses are available online allowing students to complete course work from a personal computer at a location convenient for them. Some courses combine online instruction with some on-campus class time. This eliminates the need to travel to the campus to attend all classes.

Many programs at MCC are available online meaning a student does not need to attend classes at the campus. The course work is available via your personal computer. Currently, the Business Administration Transfer and Career Degrees are available online. If you are interested in completing your degree online, contact the Dean of Business Administration for specialized advising at hoganj@middlesex.edu 

Academic Planners and Advisors will assist you in selecting the courses and course schedules that are right for your academic program, your life and your learning style.

Last Modified: 5/13/24