Business, Legal Studies & Public Service Division

Middlesex Community College has offered Associate Degrees and Certificates in the field of Business Administration since the college’s formation in 1970. Considered a leader in the field of business education in Massachusetts, MCC offers a wide variety of degrees and certificates designed to provide you with the necessary skills to be successful in your chosen career. Whether transferring and continuing your education or becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own business, Middlesex has programs to help you succeed.

Foundation for a Bachelor's Degree

Some Business degrees offered at MCC prepare students to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program. For example, the Business Administration, Transfer Option prepares students for continued studies. The Business Honors program, based on the curriculum of the transfer option, offers qualified students a challenging educational experience with enriched honors courses that emphasize discussion, case studies and research.

Exceptional Workplace Skills

The MCC Business Career Degree Advantage

Many associate degree programs in Business Administration focus on preparing students to enter the workforce immediately following graduation. For example, the Fashion Merchandising, Accounting, Office Systems and Administration and Hospitality Management Programs combine business theory with career-specific job skills courses.

The certificate programs are designed for students to acquire specific career skills in a shorter time period in order to advance or expand employment opportunities. After completion of a certificate many students decide to continue studying for a degree in the same field on a full time or part time basis. Certificate courses will apply toward a degree in the same field of study.

At Middlesex, you will develop your business skills and become a socially responsible leader.

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