Resources for Students

MCC Academic Resources

Adult Learning Center and Links students have access to the many resources that Middlesex Community College provides to its enrolled students. Please use the links below for more information about tutoring and career services available through MCC.

Online Academic Resources

The internet has many resources for those seeking additional practice on their own.

  • Explore the ALC's online resources page of websites created to improve academic and computing skills.
  • Explore the ACE online resources page for English Language Learners.

HiSET Preparation Resources

For students preparing to obtain their High School Equivalency Credential, the HiSET website provides a variety of practice materials. Visit the HiSET preparation page for more information and resources including practice tests.

ACCUPLACER Preparation Resources

In order to enroll at MCC, students must take the ACCUPLACER test to determine course level placement. The ACCUPLACER website provides some guidance and resources for test preparation. MCC also offers preparation resources including refresher workshops and subject review packets. Visit MCC's Placement Testing office for more information and/or to schedule a testing appointment.

Last Modified: 8/2/16