Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Adult Learning Center?

The Adult Learning Center (ALC) is a free program funded by a grant from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education. Based on the Bedford Campus of Middlesex Community College, the program provides four levels of classroom instruction in reading, writing, and math.

Who may enroll?

Anyone who is 16 years old or over, not currently enrolled in school, and living or working in Massachusetts is eligible to enroll. A student who is not yet 18 must provide an official letter of withdrawal from the last school attended.

When are classes held?

Classes meet on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. The fall semester runs from September through December. The spring semester runs from January through May.

Classes are not held during public school vacations or during the summer from June through August.

What is taught in these classes?

Math: computation skills to algebra and geometry
Reading: vocabulary skills to critical reading
Writing: grammar and punctuation to essay writing
HiSET: preparation for the High School Equivalency Assessment

Official High School Equivalency Assessment Practice Tests are administered to students in good standing in the program.

Who teaches ALC classes?

Adult Learning Center instructors are experienced professionals who have advanced degrees and extensive teaching experience. In addition, instructors regularly participate in ongoing training and professional development.

What is expected of ALC students?

Regular punctual attendance is required. Students who have a pattern of tardiness and/or absences may be removed from the program.

In addition, all students are expected to maintain high standards of personal behavior both on the campus and in the classroom.

How do I enroll?

Prospective candidates must attend an Intake Session to complete registration paperwork and placement testing. Intake sessions are conducted by the Program Coordinator and are scheduled regularly.

The program offers rolling admission on an available-seat basis throughout the year.

To enroll, contact Allison Norton at 781-280-3662 or

How long do students stay in the program?

The length of time a student spends in the ALC program depends on several factors including skill level at intake, motivation and attendance.

What should I do when I complete the program?

The Program Coordinator advises students on their next steps. The program works closely with the College to help students enroll in credit and certificate programs.

This sounds great! What should I do next?

Please call the Program Coordinator at 781-280-3665 for more information or to reserve a space at the next Intake Session.

Last Modified: 6/22/16