Content Quality

Reviewing Webpages

Always check your webpages carefully, particularly if you have been using a word processing software and copying content into the templates. When the text is pasted, these programs often insert alien characters, such as accents and random letters, or shrink the text to an unreadable size. Always do a spell check and make sure your grammar is correct, as mistakes, however small, reflect badly on the College.

For recommended style standards, refer to the Middlesex Community College Style and Graphic Standards Manual. For Web-related words, keep in mind the following:

  • homepage is one word
  • Web is uppercase when it stands alone; lowercase when combined with another word (e.g. website; World Wide Web; webmaster, webpage)
  • download and upload are spelled as one word
  • online is one word, no hyphen
  • Do not copy content from other websites. If you need help writing content, submit a request to the Tech Center Service Desk and help will be provided. 

It is important that all content within each website be reviewed for “ROT” – Redundant – Outdated – and Trivial information. If you need assistance deleting files, please contact the Tech Center Service Desk.

Use of College Marks and Branding

Middlesex Community College logos and word marks may be used on official College websites such as College departments, approved student groups and schools, as long as the logos are used correctly. For correct logo usage, consult the Middlesex Community College Style and Graphic Standards Manual: (


A clear, easy navigation through every page of the Middlesex Community College website is a necessity. These and other Web design criteria should be in full compliance with Section 508 of the amended Rehabilitation Act -


Middlesex Community College requires webpages to look consistent, including certain common design elements. To simplify this process, the College website exclusively uses College-approved templates. Training in the use of the templates is available through the MCC web management team.
Last Modified: 8/4/23