Web Editor Best Practices

Identify Your Audience

  • Give users information they are looking for in a way they can easily understand.


The format of the page is set up for you, including the typeface/font. Building and editing your page according to MCC Web Policy Guidelines in OUCampus is simple if you follow these guidelines.

Always Remember

  • Keep content simple and to the point
  • Do not copy content from other websites. If you need help writing content, submit a request to the Tech Center Service Desk and help will be provided. 
  • Users do not read long paragraphs and pages. Use bullet points and short paragraphs for copy.

Aligning Text

  • Do not center a paragraph that makes it hard to read.
  • Do not use the "heading" options to style a paragraph.


Avoid underlines within your text. Users will confuse underlined text with hyperlinked text.


In order to use photos and images on the MCC website, users must ensure that the college has the appropriate legal rights to use the photo or image. Copyright laws DO apply to web content. The Office of Marketing Communications utilizes a Digital Asset Management System that has an extensive archive of photos available for use on MCC websites. Only approved photos can be used. Submit a request to the Tech Center website for photo assistance if you are unable to find what you need.

Faculty/Staff Directory Image Guidelines - Upload a professional looking photo. For directory consistency, a headshot with a neutral background works best. Do not upload images of celebrities, cartoon characters or sports logos. Your photo will be automatically adjusted to scale.


Use a call to action (descriptive) link when you ask a user to click on your link. Avoid URL links and language like "click".

Examples of non-descriptive hyperlinked text include:

  • "Click here"
  • "Website"
  • "Homepage"
  • "Learn more"

Examples of descriptive inline hyperlinked text include:

File Naming Conventions

Web page names must be 12 alpha-numeric characters or less. Only PDF files can be uploaded to the Downloads folder in each site. PDF file names must also be 12 alpha-numeric characters or less.

Naming PDFs

Use generic file names when naming PDF's. Each time you re-upload your PDF, name the PDF the same file name. Use "overwrite" to replace the file.

“ROT” Content

It is important that all content within each website be reviewed for “ROT” – Redundant – Outdated – and Trivial information. If you need assistance deleting files, please contact the Tech Center Service Desk.


Please direct any web-related questions or comments to the Technology Center Service Desk: servicedesk@middlesex.mass.edu or 978-656-3301.

Last Modified: 8/4/23