World Wide Web Guidelines


  1. This policy governs documents (webpages) appearing on the World Wide Web from Middlesex Community College servers.
  2. Both official and unofficial College websites, as defined below, must comply with all copyright laws of the United States, all other applicable local, state and federal laws and applicable policies, rules and guidelines of Middlesex Community College, including those defined herein.
  3. This policy will be periodically revised in response to pertinent legal and/or technological issues in consultation with the appropriate entities.
  4. Any questions, comments or suggestions concerning this policy should be addressed to Technology Center Service Desk: or 978-656-3301.

Official College Websites

  1. Official College websites are defined as websites or webpages created by Middlesex Community College entities including, but not limited to, its colleges, schools, departments and administrative offices stating they represent Middlesex Community College.
  2. All official College websites must be approved by the MCC Web Management Team which has administrative oversight over the area represented by the website. The MCC Web Management Team will be the final approving authority for all College websites/pages.
  3. All official College websites must adhere to the minimum standards described below. These minimum standards are presented in conjunction with associated recommendations in this Web Policy.
    1. Display clear identification of Middlesex Community College on the top-level pages of each website. The preferred means of identification is to display a Middlesex Community College word mark. The official Middlesex Community College templates are required for College offices.
    2. Display a clearly labeled link on each webpage to the MIDDLESEX homepage (
    3. Display clearly labeled ownership information on each webpage in the form of a contact email address, which may be supplemented by a contact name and/or telephone number. In unusual cases, a contact name and telephone number may be substituted for a contact email address.
    4. Display a clearly labeled disclaimer ( “Although the authors of this website have made every reasonable effort to be factually accurate, no responsibility is assumed for editorial or clerical errors or error occasioned by honest mistake. All information contained on this website is subject to change by the appropriate officials of Middlesex Community College without prior notice. Material on this website does not serve as a contract between Middlesex Community College and any other party.”
  4. The appropriate administrative unit(s) that publishes information on an official College website is fully responsible for factually accurate content and currency of information. Websites that contain out-of-date information may be requested by the MCC Web Team or a member of that team to make necessary corrections. Websites failing to comply following such requests may be unlinked from the College page until the necessary corrections have been made.
  5. All official College websites must present information using the highest editorial standards (spelling, punctuation, grammar, style, etc.). Websites that contain editorial errors may be requested by any member of the MCC Web Team to make the necessary corrections. Websites failing to comply following such requests may be unlinked from the College page until the necessary corrections have been made.
  6. Any official College website desiring to conduct commercial activity, including receipt of online credit card payments, must take appropriate steps to ensure secured transactions. These transactions must be approved by the Vice President of Finance prior to placing this type of information or capability on the College website.
  7. Links to commercial entities must be related to the College’s mission and must not imply endorsement by the College.
  8. All names used to represent the College must be official names recognized by Middlesex Community College.

Unofficial College Websites

  1. Unofficial College websites are defined as websites or webpages created and maintained by anyone other than Middlesex Community College campuses, Web coordinators or website masters.
  2. All unofficial College websites must open in a BLANK browser window.
  3. All unofficial College websites must carry the following disclaimer: “The views, opinions and conclusions expressed in this page are those of the author or organization and not necessarily those of Middlesex Community College or its officers and trustees. The content of this page has not been reviewed or approved by Middlesex Community College and the author or organization is solely responsible for its content.”
  4. Middlesex Community College will not undertake to pre-approve or review the content of unofficial College websites. However, any pages discovered in violation of this policy are subject to immediate removal from Middlesex Community College Web servers.
Unofficial College websites may not be used for commercial purposes or for personal financial gain or benefit. Middlesex Community College is not responsible for any liability resulting from any such activities prior to their discovery and appropriate remedy.
Last Modified: 8/4/23