Reporting Complaints of Sexual Violence

A victim of sexual violence has the right to file (or not file) a Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint Form with the College.  The process for filing a complaint is outlined under the Policy on Affirmative Action Title IX Complaint Procedure For more information or assistance with filing a complaint, please contact the College’s Title IX Coordinator Pamela Medina, 781-280-3536, Bedford Campus, Cataldo Building, or  If the Title IX Coordinator is the subject of a complaint, the President shall designate another College official to administer the Complaint Procedures.  A victim may also choose to file a criminal complaint, in which case the Title IX Coordinator and/or Public Safety can assist the victim with that process.  Reporting the incident to the Title IX Coordinator or Public Safety does not obligate the victim to file criminal charges. Public Safety can be reached at: 978-656-3201 (Lowell) or 781-280-3539 (Bedford).


Last Modified: 3/26/24