Recommended Procedures for a Victim of Sexual Violence

Recommended Procedures for a Victim of Sexual Violence- For a person subjected to an act of sexual violence, there can be time-sensitive decisions to make about sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, and collecting physical evidence in the event of prosecution.  Therefore, victims of sexual violence are advised as follows:

Protect Yourself and Get Medical Attention – Find a safe place as soon as possible and seek medical attention immediately.  Injuries and exposure to disease may not be immediately apparent. A medical examination can provide necessary treatment and collect important evidence. It is recommended that a physical exam be conducted within 72 hours of the violence. Submitting to a physical exam does not mean that a victim is required to press charges. This action merely preserves the option to do so.  Designated College personnel can assist in providing transportation to the hospital.

Preserve Evidence - It is important to preserve all physical evidence following an act of sexual violence.  Physical evidence may be necessary in the event criminal prosecution is pursued.  If possible, a victim should be advised not to wash, eat, drink, douche, clean, use the bathroom, or change clothes.  If clothes are changed, all clothes that were worn at the time of the incident should not be cleaned and should be placed into a clean paper bag.

Health and Support Services - Various health and support services are available on and off campus for victims of sexual violence.  For information about such services, including counseling, please contact Pamela Medina, Assistant Director of HR & Title IX Coordinator,


Last Modified: 3/26/24