Service-Learning Models

All models integrate thoughtful and intentional reflection, and upon completion receive Service-Learning transcript designation.


Individual Service-Learning

• 22 hours per semester (2-3 hours a week) associated with a specific course

• Optional or required component of a course

• Students register themselves using an online database


Project-Based Service-Learning

• Some or all members of a class work together on an identified community project

• Service project designed to meet a course outcome


One-Credit Service-Learning Course

• Curriculum designed as part of the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education’s Vision Project to empower students to learn about general community issues or a specific theme-based topic

• Either an individual (22-hour) placement or project-based Service-Learning


Global Service-Learning

• Project-based Service-Learning integrated into MCC International Education Fellowships

• Service projects allow MCC students to serve local communities abroad

• Curriculum designed to expose students to community issues facing their host countries, and broaden understanding of their roles as global citizens

Last Modified: 7/27/18