PD Funding Policies & Procedures

NOTE: Due to PD budgetary limitations in FY'22, PD funding requests are being carefully reviewed in order to ensure an equitable distribution of funds

The current maximum amount that may be requested for full-time faculty is $1000 per fiscal year and $750 for part-time faculty and staff. PD requests reviews are based upon the following criteria:
  • PD Budget Funds Availability
  • Equitable distribution of available funding
  • Alignment of request with college strategic priorities

The limit for course tuition reimbursement is $1000 per academic year. Full or partial support may be given. Please Note: Reimbursements requests are approved for individual courses. If you are in a course program, a new request must be made for each individual course.

-  Applicants must identify the division dean who has approved this request for PD funding. We also ask that applicants indicate whether they are attending the PD event alone or whether other people from their area are attending. (This helps with coordinating the travel plans.)

-  Please note, if funding is approved, the purchasing transactions/arrangements must be handled through our office in accordance with college policy.

- If your request is approved, there will be additional forms you will need to complete in order to facilitate the PD support process.

Proposal Submission Timeline

To allow time for the Office of Professional Development to review the application, and for the Purchasing Department to make arrangements for payment, we have set the following funding request deadlines:

  1. For any request that involves air travel, employees seeking Professional Development funds should submit an application at least one month prior to the event.
  2. Any PD request that does not require air travel, the proposal must be submitted at least three weeks before the event.

Purchasing Arrangements

  • If funding is approved, Melanie Ellis Staff Assistant to HR, Payroll and Professional Development will registered you for conference, webinar, course etc. You should not book on your own.
  • If a flight is necessary to attend a conference you will need to confirm with Gift Mtileni MTILENIG@middlesex.mass.edu  first  in the accounting department to determine if you need to create an account in Concur.
  • Once you have access to Concur you will be able to select a flight that works best with your schedule.
  • Then, you will have to send an email to Melanie Ellis, Staff Assistant to HR, Payroll and Professional Development ELLISM@middlesex.mass.edu  so she can finish the booking of the flight and create a PO for processing.
  • Hotel costs should be covered by an individual's deptarment and reservationsmust be completed by your department administrative assistant.  PD will no longer be responsible for doing any hotel accomodations. Our funding will cover conference registration and travel costs.


Last Modified: 2/8/24