Grant Awards

The current maximum award for full-time faculty is $750 per fiscal year and $500 for part-time faculty and staff in their second year as Middlesex employees. The limit for course tuition reimbursement is $500 per academic year for all. Full or partial support may be given.

Employees seeking Professional Development funds should submit an application at least one month prior to the event to allow time for the Professional Development Committee to review the application, and for the Purchasing Department to make arrangements for payment.  Travel reimbursement forms should be forwarded to Wendy Khadjikian for review and Peter Shea's signature.

NOTE: In situations in which more than three applicants submit proposals for the same conference requiring extensive travel and overnight accommodations, the equivalent of three applicants expenses will be funded. This amount can then be used by the entire group of applicants, as a pool of funds to use amongst themselves.

Contact Wendy Khadjikian at Ext. 3661 for questions or information.

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Last Modified: 6/10/16