Alumni Association Scholarship for Part-Time Students

In 2018, the MCC Alumni Association established a named MCC Foundation Scholarship, the MCC Alumni Association Scholarship for Part-time Students. The goal of the scholarship is to support MCC students who have demonstrated an intention to finish a degree, but whom need financial assistance to complete their goal.

Through the generosity of alumni and MCC community donors, the Alumni Association is proud that the scholarship has been awarded to two MCC students.  Through the continued support of our fellow alumni, we hope to be able to sustain this award for many years to come.

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2022 Scholarship Recipient, Valentina Sang-Ababio '24

2023 Scholarship Recipient, Mirellalys Encarnacion

Psychology Major

“Thank you for supporting me on my financial journey through college. It is my passion to help uplift communities that have similar experiences as me, being nominated for this award was a way for someone to help motivate me in hard times and I wish to do the same for folks in the future."

2022 Scholarship Recipient, Valentina Sang-Ababio '24

2022 Scholarship Recipient, Valentina Sang-Ababio ‘24

Nursing Major

“My heart is full of joy for receiving this award from the MCC Alumni Association. I was so pleased when I received this news through my student email. Thank you for the consideration of being selected to be awarded this scholarship. As a part-time nursing student and a single working mother, this award will go a long way to relieve some of the financial burdens I am facing. I will also challenge myself to work harder to achieve my goal.”


Photo of Christian North2021 Scholarship Recipient, Christian North

Mechanical Engineering Science Transfer

"The Alumni Association Scholarship will help to cover part of my tuition, allowing me to focus on my academic pursuits. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to the community. I hope one day, sharing my experience, I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me. Thank you for your continued support and investment in my future."


Photo of Lauren Norman2020 Scholarship Recipient, Lauren Norman

Liberal Studies Major

"I am so honored to have been selected to receive the Alumni Association Scholarship. Receiving this scholarship means so much to me, and it will allow me to take classes this semester without having to worry about how to pay for it. Last semester was a challenging semester for me, and I was uncertain about returning this semester before receiving this scholarship. Being selected to receive the Alumni Association Scholarship helped me feel like I could succeed even with the added challenge that comes with online learning."

Last Modified: 12/5/23