Wage Schedule and Classification Information

Student Employment Wage Schedule

All students must be paid hourly at the same base rate for comparable work. The work-study rate determines the minimum base pay for all student jobs. Departments must submit request to Payroll for classification approval and ensure funds have been allocated before posting positions.

To ensure equitable pay practices across student positions, grades are based on complexity and responsibilities.

Grade Level

Base Hourly Rate



Grade 1



Entry-level position that involves routine or repetitious work. Employee is well supervised. No experience required. Responsibilities will require basic knowledge of assigned tasks.



Grade 2




Requires previous work experience and/or moderate level of competence. Tasks assigned require some degree of responsibility. Responsibilities may include leadership or oversight of a project or area or may involve light supervision of peers. Requirements may include a degree of proficiency in a particular skill area. Independent work is likely. Specific training may be necessary.


Grade 3



A high level of competence is expected and tasks require responsibility and independent thinking/judgment. Job may be complex and have additional qualifications. Responsibilities require proficiency in an area of specialized knowledge or skill. Training is required.

Note: There are no merit or seniority based pay increases through the Student Employment program (Ex. Students in Grade 1 roles who wish to earn more must seek employment in a Grade 2 or 3 role).

Changes in Employment Classification
Transitioning from a Student Employee to a Part-Time or Full-Time Position 

Holding a student employment position with MCC is a great opportunity, and students often inquire about their chances of obtaining more permanent employment with the college. In a few cases each year, exceptional student employees apply and are hired for more permanent forms of employment with the college. Our advice to any student hoping for this outcome is to view their student position as an extended internship/interview and a prime opportunity to show their professional potential.

MCC does not, however, have a promotion system for student employees or special process for internal applicants, and any opening with the college is publicly posted on the College's Employment Opportunities Webpage.Students that apply for open positions will be held to the same processes and applicant requirements as the general public.

Students accepting advanced positions should understand that in doing so they have fundamentally altered their predominant relationship with the college from that of a “student” to that of an “employee.” That shift brings with it increased professional expectations, changes in the taxing of earnings and the end of the individual’s eligibility for any student employment positions while employed as a permanent employee. These changes, of course, may be worth the many personal and professional benefits that come with working for MCC on a permanent basis.

Note: Students cannot hold a Student Employment Position and a Work-Study Position at the same time

Last Modified: 4/24/24