ACCUPLACER exams are currently being offered at both the Bedford on Lowell campuses. Accuplacer exams are only offered for:

1. Students wishing to place into MAT 290: Calculus I and do not meet multiple measure criteria.
2. MCC students that have already taken math courses at MCC and want to improve their placement.

The ACCUPLACER exam is designed for students to demonstrate college readiness. Students should only take the test if they cannot be placed through other criteria. New students should place into courses using guided self-placement.

Need to take the ACCUPLACER? Please read the instructions below.

1. Prepare for the exam

2. Schedule the exam

  • Accuplacer exam appointments can be made one week in advance.
  • Appointments are for a 2-hour window. If you require additional time to complete the exam, you may need to schedule an additional appointment.

3. Sitting for the exam

  • Arrive on time to scheduled test site.
  • Bring a photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.).
  • No electronics permitted (including calculators), cell phones may be left with proctors.

4. Receiving your scores

  1. Scores are returned immediately.
  2. The ACCUPLACER may be taken again if needed. You are limited to 3 attempts per semester (excluding summer).


Last Modified: 3/20/24