Grant Proposal Planning Process

The Resource Development Office employs a systematic process to plan and submit grant applications. We work with MCC faculty and staff, as well as community partners, to assist in the identification of funding needs and opportunities and to develop and submit new or renewal proposals.  We prepare a grant application schedule to meet funding priorities in a timely manner and with professionally developed proposals to foster successful outcomes.

Resource Development Process: Fact Sheet

Step 1: Meetings with Deans/Department Heads

• Resource Development staff meet with Deans or Department heads to elicit background on priority activities or plans underway in each area.

• Resource Development staff gather as much information as possible on funding needs for each area.

• These meetings provide the Resource Development staff with a better understanding of developing priorities and interests, and allow the Deans/Department Heads to ensure that their areas are considered as outside funding sources are explored.

Step 2: Department Outline/Priority List

• Based on these meetings Resource Development staff draft an (annual) outline for each area, confirmed/approved by the respective Dean/Department Head.

• Outlines for areas within each component are then shared with the executive staff of that component. Deans/Department Heads are expected to work with their executive staff to reach decisions on the priorities for their areas.

• Resource Development staff use these outlines to gather sufficient information regarding funding needs in order to identify appropriate funding sources and develop fundraising strategies that can support initiatives throughout the College.

Step 3: Matching Funding Opportunities to Defined Priorities

• The outlines enable the various areas of the College to inform the Resource Development staff about projects or activities they might need to fund from outside sources.

• In some cases a brief concept paper may be prepared to help define the objectives of a project and to inform various people at the College about the intent of a concept or project.

• As RFPs/RFRs become available, the Resource Development staff will notify the Deans/Department Heads about funding opportunities relevant to their expressed interests. When the Resource Development staff determine it is appropriate, or when requested, the RDO will convene meetings of interested parties to discuss issues around applications for competitive grants.

Step 4: Project Approval

• As a project begins development, the Dean/Department Head responsible notifies the executive staff of the area via email or memo of the intent to secure funding as well as any need for institutional resources. The executive staff of the area involved must approve the request through email or memo response.

• Either the executive staff of the area involved or the Dean of Resource Development will notify Cabinet about the project in development and the Cabinet and/or the President must agree that a proposal/request can move forward. The project moves forward with this approval.

Please note: Any new position that will be requested in a grant must be approved through the Human Resources Office before being included in a grant submission.

Last Modified: 7/27/18