Faculty Handbook

The Faculty Handbook is A Guide to College Policies and Procedures for Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty.

Faculty Handbook Table of Contents

 I. Curriculum Information

a.  Introduction
b.  Community Education and Training
c.  Evening, Weekend, and Summer Courses
d.  International Programs
e.  Online Credit Courses
f.  Placement Testing
g.  Self-paced Studies
h.  Service Learning Courses
i.  Independent Study

  II. Academic Freedom, Faculty/Staff Association and Union Agreements

a.  Academic Freedom and Responsibilities
b.  Faculty Staff Association
c.  Union Agreements
d.  Faculty Duties
e.  Human Resources
              i.  Personnel Issues
              ii.  Benefits
                1.  EAP
                2.  Tuition Remission/Waiver

  III. Instructional Policies and Procedures

a.  Absence
        i.  Faculty
       ii.  Evening, Weekend Classes
      iii.  Religious
b.  Attendance
         i.  Students
        ii.  Certification
c.  Audit Policy
d.  Class Lists
e.  Room Assignments
f.  Course Selection Changes
          i.  Add/drop procedure
         ii.  Course withdrawals
g.  Exams
          i.  Final Exam Day Classes
         ii.  Final Exam Evening Classes
h.  Grading
          i.  Grading system
               1.  Grade Points Interpretation
         ii.  Submission of Grades
               2.  Mid-Semester Deficiency Grades
               3.  Final Grades
                    a.  Incomplete Grades
                    b.  In Progress Grades
               4.  Grade Change
i.  Student Records
           i.  Retention of Student Records
          ii.  Students’ Access to Letters of Recommendation
         iii.  Student Access to Academic and Other Records

IV. Getting Starting

   a.  Resources for Faculty
           i.  Book Orders/Bookstore
                1.  Book Orders
                2.  Desk Copies
          ii.  Computers - Equipment and Use
                1.  Acquisition and Software Silence Rules
                2.  Computer Classrooms and Computer Training
                3.  Computer Classroom Locations
                4.  Computer Labs/Open Computer Labs
                5.  Internet and Email
         iii.  Telephone System
               1.  Email, Voicemail, and Network Access
               2.  Telephone Directory
         iv.  Photocopying of Class Materials
               1.  Staffed Copy Centers
               2.  Photocopiers Available for Faculty Use
          v.  Media Services
               1.  Classroom Support
               2.  Procedures for Requesting Equipment and Services
        vii.  Secretarial Support Guidelines
       viii.  Supplies
         ix.  Key Requests
          x.  Mailrooms
         xi.  Parking
  b.  Academic Services for Faculty and Students
          i.  Academic Advising
         ii.  Academic Planning Centers
        iii.  Academic and Career Support
                1.  Tutoring Services
                2.  Career Services
         IV.  Library
                1.  Instructional and Research Support
                2.  Locations, Technology and Services
                3.  Library Hours
                4.  Photocopying
                5.  Reserve Materials
                6.  Video Requests

  c.  Wellness Services for Faculty and Students
                 i.  Counseling
                ii.  Disability Support Services
               iii.  Health Services
               iv.  Dental Clinics
                v.  Fitness Center
  d.  Financial Aid

  V. Administrative Policies and Procedures

            a.  Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking on Campus
                i.  Drugs and Alcohol
               ii.  Smoking
            b.  College Closing and Delayed Opening Information
            c.  Emergency Guidelines
                 i.  Emergency Procedures
                ii.  Emergency Requiring Evacuation

  VI. Professional Development

        a.  Introduction
        b.  Teaching, Learning and Reflection Center (TLRC)
        c.  Professional Days
        d.  Funding for Professional Development Activities
                 i.  Travel
                ii.  Grant Proposals
               iii.  Mini-Grants
               iv.  Perkins Grants
                v.  Eligibility
               vi.  Professional Development Grants
              vii.  Proposal Review and Funding Process
       e.  Additional Professional Development Opportunities
                 i.  Carnegie Academy for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
                ii.  Academic Technology Training and Consultation
               iii.  Internationalizing Curriculum
               iv.  Sabbatical Leave
                v.  Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)
                       1.  Common Book

  VIII. Appendices

        a.  Human Resources
        b.  Anatomy of a Syllabus
        c.  Mailrooms
        d. Glossary of Acronyms

Last Modified: 6/10/16