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Recommended Legal Research Sites

  • Mass. Trial Court Law Library information. This is the place to start when doing any kind of legal research in Massachusetts. Their Forms section provides links to all sorts of free legal forms specific to Massachusetts. They also provide links to court cases and laws of Massachusetts.
  • Google Scholar Case Law Research - Free!
  • Lexis Nexis is a paid site for lawyers.
  • Westlaw is a paid site for lawyers. MCC Paralegal students have access to Westlaw during their semesters in Legal Research and Writing.
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Other Legal Research Sites

  • Cornell Law School. This site has links to the Code of Federal Regulations, the US Code, and numerous other information links.
  • U.Penn Law School’s Biddle Law Library. It has links to many legal research sources that cannot be found elsewhere, such as the Uniform Laws website NCCUSL.
  • FindLaw is a free general legal search site that has info on cases, statutes, etc. from across the United States.
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Topical Legal Information

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Massachusetts Legal Sites

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Paralegal Professional/Career Sites

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Placement and Temp Agencies

NOTE:  Typically the employer will pay a temp or placement agency a fee for finding an employee.  But some may charge the employee instead.  Be sure to understand what they are doing for you and what they are charging you. 

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Thinking About Law School?

If you are considering Law School, you may want to check out this website. It was created by expert legal educators to help law students and pre-law students succeed.

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Last Modified: 8/4/23