Micro-credentials for Your Career

Images of students at workTo help you access career growth and professional opportunities faster, MCC now offers specialized micro-credential training in: 

Micro-credentials are mini qualifications that train you to be able to complete skills that employers want. This non-degree credential costs less than a certificate or associate degree and can be completed in less than half a year.  

MCC’s micro-credentials are designed to:

  • Provide specific knowledge in Massachusetts’ fastest growing industries
  • Offer focused, in-demand career qualifications
  • Meet local workforce and industry partner needs
  • Be compact and completed quickly

Available as three or four, eight-week course bundles, or nine credit hours, micro-credentials are taught by industry experts and college professors. The cost is often less than $800 with no registration or application fee. 

Courses can be completed in one semester and can lead to a certificate or associate degree at MCC.

Take advantage of:

  • Focused and specific professional and personal development skill training 
  • Quick and stackable courses 
  • Transferable credits to most colleges and universities nationwide

Upon successful completion, you will earn a digital badge that can be shared on LinkedIn. It will also create an official college transcript to document your earned academic credit.

How is a micro-credential different from a degree or certificate program?

Cost (Tuition & Fees): Each credential costs less than $800 per class and there is no fee to apply or register.

Program Length: Your credential can be earned in as little as one semester. Our micro-credential programs are often just three eight-week courses (nine credit hours). 

Career Focused: MCC’s micro-credentials ensure the skills taught are in-demand, sought after by local employers, and can result in quicker job placement or advancement.

Last Modified: 8/4/23