MCC360 Strategies

MCC360 will unite technology tools and new institutional practices to improve both the student experience
as well as academic success. Implementation strategies will enable the following outcomes:


Student Portal

• Student portal for self-service to include admissions, registration and enrollment functions;

• Access through dashboards;

• An integrated planning and advising system linked to e-Advising website and learning analytics;

 Improved Enrollment Services

• Better operational efficiencies; 

• Streamlined enrollment functions;

• Improved communications with students related to these functions;

 Analytics tools for students

• Access to personalized learning assessments;

• Better context for learning;

• Better goal development through greater understanding;

Analytics tools for faculty and staff

• Student level profiles to inform intrusive interventions;

• Course level assessments to inform curriculum and pedagogy;

• Institutional planning by staff and administration through timely access to data, trends, analysis​.

Last Modified: 8/2/21