MCC 360 Committees

Title III project management is integrated into existing College structures and reaches across divisions to ensure that key decision-makers are informed of the project’s progress.  

MCC 360 Executive Steering Committee

The Executive Steering Committee prioritizes activities and determines the allocation of funds.

James Mabry - President
Phil Sisson - Provost/Vice-President
Joe Patuto - Chief Information Officer
Frank Nocella - Chief Financial Officer
Susan Anderson - Interim Ex Director of Institutional Effectiveness/Title III Coordinator
Robin Marra - Analytics Officer
Scott O’Neil - Assistant Dean, Enrollment Data Management
John Giblin - Programmer, IT/Computer Services
Pamela Flaherty - Dean, Student Affairs
Peter Shea - Director, Professional Development
Audrey Nahabedian - Dean, Enrollment Management
Beth Noel - Director, Marketing Communications

MCC 360 Advisory Committee

An Advisory Committee of faculty and staff will provide input into the student success initiatives, including policies, procedures, processes, and technologies.

Beth Noel - Director, Marketing Communications
Josephine Gorman - Manager, IT/Computer Services
Matthew Olson - Dean, Social Sciences
Judy Hogan - Dean, Business Education Public Service
Kathy Gehly - Dean, Nursing and Allied Health
Kate Sweeney - Dean, STEM
Pam Flaherty - Dean of Students
Robin Marra - Analytics Officer
Rebecca Newell - Asst Dean of Students
Pat Bruno - Associate Dean, Student Support Services
Bryan Wint - Director of Advising
Jillian Freitas-Haley - Asst. Dean of Admissions
Audrey Nahabedian - Dean, Enrollment Management
James Mabry - President
Dan Moynihan - Registrar
Lisa Gibson - Assistant Registrar
Kevin Donovan - Staff Associate, Grants and Contracts
Maritza Martinez - Assistant Director, Student Accounts 
Chris Fiori - Director, Student Accounts Office
Linda Heineman - Director, Institutional Research
John Smith - Faculty Liaison, STEM division
Jen Bauer - Faculty Liaison, Social Sciences Division
Mary McGurn - Faculty Liaison, Nursing and Allied Health
Paulo Barrio - Faculty Liaison, Business Education Public Service
Maria Gonzalez -  Bedford Academic Advisor
Pat Hunt - Enrollment Specialist
Evelin Ovalles - Enrollment Specialist
Scott O'Neil - Assistant Dean, Enrollment Data 
Frank Nocella - Chief Financial Officer
John Giblin - Programmer, IT/Computer Services
Judy Burke - Executive Director of Institutional Advancement
Last Modified: 8/2/21